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Donald Trump: America’s African President (Video)

Posted by on Oct 2, 2015



Trevor Noah comparing Donald Trump to African dictators is the funniest (and most accurate) thing you’ll see today.

WATCH: Donald Trump: America’s African President – The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Video Clip | Comedy Central.

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Shepard Smith: Pope’s Positions On Climate Change, Refugee Crisis, Inequality Should NOT Be Political Issues (Video)

Posted by on Sep 23, 2015



Shepard Smith continues to be the only adult in the Fox Newsroom. While Republicans predictably hate on the Pope for having the chutzpah to opine on issues like climate change, poverty, immigration, Smith wonders aloud how shameful it is that these common sense, human issues have become partisan issues that Americans are fighting against.


I don’t know — I think we are in a weird place in the world when the following things are considered political. Five things, I’m going to tick them off. These are the five things that were on his and our president’s agenda. Caring for the marginalized and the poor — that’s now political. Advancing economic opportunity for all. Political? Serving as good stewards of the environment. Protecting religious minorities and promoting religious freedom globally. Welcoming [and] integrating immigrants and refugees globally. And that’s political? I mean, I don’t know what we expect to hear from an organization’s leader like the Pope of the Catholic Church, other than protect those who need help, bring in refuges who have no place because of war and violence and terrorism. These seem like universal truths that we should be good to others who have less than we do, that we should give shelter to those who don’t have it. I think these were the teachings in the Bible of Jesus. They’re the words of the pope, they’re the feelings of the president. And people who find themselves on the other side of that message should consult a mirror, it seems like. Because I think that’s what we’re supposed to do as a people, whatever your religion. I mean, it seems to me and I think to probably, as Bill O’Reilly would put it, most clear-thinking Americans — that that’s how we’re supposed to roll.

What Shep can’t say on Fox “News” is that politicizing common sense “human” issues is strictly a Republican problem – GOP corporate sugar-daddies don’t want to dig into their profits to pay taxes to possibly solve these problems.

In any case, props, as always to Shep, the best cable newsman in town, and the only real journalist on his entire “news” network.


WATCH: Fox’s Shepard Smith Says Pope’s Positions On Climate Change, Refugee Crisis, Inequality Are Not Political Issues | Video | Media Matters for America.

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What Would Really Happen if Batman fought Superman (Video)

Posted by on Sep 9, 2015


Animator, Stephen Byrne, made this awesome quick short showing what would really happen if Batman took on Superman.

I’m guessing this won’t be Zack Snyder’s take.

Watch: Animated Adventures: Batman V Superman – YouTube.

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Darwinism Reminder (GIF)

Posted by on Sep 9, 2015




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White House calls out Dick Cheney hard: “Wrong Then, Wrong Now” (Video)

Posted by on Sep 8, 2015


Why does Dick Cheney still think he has credibility in the world? The man most responsible for destroying the Middle East (and the US’s good name along with it), is on a ObamaResponsibleForAllMiddleEastProblems/book Tour — and somehow the media is still giving this grifter a outlet to sell his snake-oil.

Cheney was wrong on almost every front when it came to Iraq (although his company made billions), and the guy is using the exact same playbook to knock the nuclear deal with Iran and goad the US into another profitable costly war. Cheney’s revisionist history is so off-base that even Fox News is calling him out.

Then today came a White House mic-drop in the form of the video above exposing Cheney’s bullshittery.  I just can’t recall anything like this before. It’s shocking enough that a former Veep is so vocal about a current administration (especially about the mess created by his own admin), but even more eye-opening that the current White House would troll a former tenant so hard!

The only reason this trolling plays well is because it doesn’t make any arguments, but instead just uses Dick’s mouth to contradict everything we know actually happened over the last 14 years.

The Iran debate deserves better than this charlatan’s two cents. The only time I want to see a microphone in front of Cheney’s face is at a Congressional hearing on abuse of power (and death of Americans) to line his own pockets.

Watch: Vice President Dick Cheney: Wrong Then, Wrong Now – YouTube.

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Bad Lip Reading: The First Republican Presidential Debate (Video)

Posted by on Aug 19, 2015


Bad Lip Reading takes on the First GOP Presidential Debate? Yes, Please.
“FIRST REPUBLICAN DEBATE HIGHLIGHTS: 2015″ — A Bad Lip Reading of The Republican Debate – YouTube.

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Darwinism Reminder (GIF)

Posted by on Aug 18, 2015




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Jon Stewart Explains Why Bullshit is Everywhere in Final Show (Video)

Posted by on Aug 7, 2015



It actually happened. Jon Stewart finally said goodbye to his desk at The Daily Show. But before he signed off, Stewart couldn’t resist encouraging us all to carry on his legacy of calling out bullshit.

“The best defense against Bullshit, is vigilance. So I say to you tonight, friends: If you smell something. Say something.”

Watch the entire segment. The conversation will sorely miss Jon Stewart.

Here’s to carrying on that legacy.

Watch: Uncensored – Three Different Kinds of Bulls**t – The Daily Show – Video Clip | Comedy Central.

Watch: Jon Stewart Explains Why Bullshit is Everywhere in Final Show – YouTube.

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Who was the Most “Presidential” Candidate in the Fox News GOP Debate?

Posted by on Aug 7, 2015


The first 2016 Republican Presidential “Debate” is in the books.

To no one’s surprise, there was little actual debating. Instead we saw Fox News setting a narrative, and the candidates fighting to reset that narrative in their favor.

Although I have no love for the current Republican party, I can at least offer my views on who “appeared” Presidential, and their general chances at appearing on the GOP ticket.

The Adults in the Room

Obviously, Jeb Bush has the experience and credentials to lead. Bush is always articulate, but even as a Florida resident with no idea where these “accomplishments” took place, I’ll admit the guy knows how to sell his time as Governor. Dynastic ties notwithstanding, Bush remains the single most “Presidential” candidate of the bunch.

That said, the single most polished candidate in Quicken Loans Arena was Sen. Marco Rubio. Although I hate everything he’s done as Senator for my state of Florida, (worst missed-vote record of any current Senator) the man is a complete 180 from his 2012 teaser-run. Rubio conducted himself like a true, passionate, educated, leader, and did a kickass job selling himself as the only relatable every-man on stage. Well done, Senator. If Rubio isn’t on the ticket, it’s only because Bush is the lead and they couldn’t do two Florida boys. Regardless, the Sunshine State killed it in this “Debate.”

The only other adult in the room that could be trusted to lead our country was Gov. John Kasich. Not only is Kasich well spoken and passionate, he is the ONLY candidate who speaks to issues that are important to the entire country and not just the Republican Party. He comes across as a responsible every-man, not a billionaire puppet. With little national name-recognition, Kasich doesn’t stand much of a chance, but he could appeal to more than the extremists in his Party. Ohio loves it some Kasich, so its easy to see the Governor as a legit VP addition to win the extremely important state.

Appealing, but Empty

Donald Trump is a blowhard, but no one can deny the HYUUUGE gravitas and power he brings behind every moronic statement. When Trump’s in the room, people pay attention. Trump is NOT President material, but he carries himself like royalty, and everyone else is forced to play along. His presence controlled the entire debate. Unfortunately, most of what Trump offers is factless mumbo-jumbo that plays to fears, not real progress. Such behavior is not presidential, nor are the constant threats/insults he lobs at his critics. As host Megyn Kelly pointed out, his constant woman-bashing (and failure to apologize) will haunt him for a while. Trump might scoff at political correctness and brag about not caring, but careful selection of words is kinda important in diplomacy. Can anyone seriously imagine him sitting across the table from any other world leaders?

Gov. Chris Christie is another partisan blowhard selling his iron-fisted tendencies as a positive, but at least he showed up to play as the ONLY candidate to use statistics to support his points. Christie brings with him way too much baggage to be legit (that’s not a fat joke) but as one of the few with executive experience, he blatantly demonstrates how little experience the other candidates bring to the job. Baggage notwithstanding, I could see Christie as a legit addition to a ticket as VP who rolls up his sleeves to do the negative dirty work.

Gov. Scott Walker might be the Koch brothers’ favorite puppet stocked full of Reagan-love, but the man does not demonstrate any leader-like qualities. Walker delivers his studied lines well, but the college-dropout seems flustered every time he jumps off-script. Walker could not possibly appeal to anyone who doesn’t directly pay for his services, but he has to be respected because of the hundreds of millions the Koch brothers’ network are throwing behind him (and have for years). Likely no value as VP, so it’s probably President or bust for Walker.

Along for the Ride

Sen. Rand Paul seemed lost on the big stage – and looked even more foolish unable to respond to Trump’s digs. Although I actually like some of his ideas, Paul seems unable to sell his Libertarian platform to his party. Quite frankly, Rand doesn’t seem like he could be the lead on the ticket with anyone else on the stage playing 2nd fiddle as VP. He has VP bonafides at best, but there’s little to be gained by his inclusion.

Despite his campaign slogan, Sen. Ted Cruz is notoriously, the least-truthful person on Capitol hill. Cruz has no accomplishments to run on, no leadership ability (other than the government shutdown fiasco) and has completely shirked his Senate seat (one of worst attendance records in Senate) to run for president since elected 2013. Oozing sleaze and creepiness with each misinformed, manipulating breath, it’s no surprise that Cruz has to routinely resort to snake-oil sales tactics to rile up supporters. His performance in Cleveland was par for his sleazy course. Cruz is solely about Cruz. He’s everything to be despised of in a politician, and I can’t imagine anyone gaining anything from putting him on a ticket as VP.

Gov. Mike Huckabee is another who just seems to be along for the attention-grabbing ride. He’s just too entangled with religion to ever convince any non-Republican that he wouldn’t completely put the Bible over the Constitution. Further, other than griping – he just doesn’t appear Presidential. Huckabee could never be the lead on a ticket with anyone else on that stage as his VP.

Dr. Ben Carson is clearly just in it to be in it. A poor public speaker, he has all the gravitas of a junior high Typing teacher. As one of my friends put it, he was “the candidate they’d most likely hang out and smoke a j with.” When your selling point is that you promise to learn world issues by the time you get to the office, you’re not selling well. Can’t feel too bad for Carson  — he still has brain surgery to fall back on. Not a legit contender for Pres or VP.


Watch Full Video: Watch the Aug. 6 Fox News Republican Debate | 2016 Election Central.

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Free The Bacon (Video)

Posted by on Aug 5, 2015


Noting the disparity between women and men showing off their wonders on film, Kevin Bacon puts Hollywood on notice: Its time to Free the Bacon.
By the way, by “Bacon”, he means “penis”.
Watch: Kevin Bacon demands more male nudity in Hollywood – YouTube.

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Robert Reich on America’s Koch Problem (Video)

Posted by on Aug 5, 2015


Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich breaks down the obvious dangers of letting billionaires like Charles and David Koch spend hundreds of millions to buy our government and force their views on America.

Watch: Robert Reich on America’s Koch Problem – YouTube.

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Chris Farley in ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’ (Video)

Posted by on Aug 4, 2015


Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation is killing it, but there isn’t anything that can’t be bettered by adding Chris Farley.
Watch: Chris Farley in ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’ – YouTube.

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Darwinism Reminder (GIF)

Posted by on Jul 28, 2015


Practice? We talking about Practice?

Practice? We talking about Practice?

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What if the Drug War Never Occurred? (Video)

Posted by on Jul 28, 2015


What if the War on Drugs never happened?

This information video from Alternate History Hub illustrates how the War on Drugs failed to dent American drug use, but still affected our lives in many ways.

Crime went up. Incarceration shot up. Hundreds of thousands of Americans could not find work after jail. Minorities were jailed in disproportionate numbers affecting their communities as a whole. Police departments became over-militarized. Drug dealers took over Central/South America. Leaders were toppled. Economies destroyed.

And for what?

What would all of the Americas be like if this ill-guided war never took place – and we treated abusers instead of incarcerating them? We will never know.

Watch: What if the Drug War Never Occurred? – YouTube.

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Darwinism Reminder (GIF)

Posted by on Jul 27, 2015




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