Jonathan Martin defends his quitting nature to Tony Dungy (Video)



Watch the above video if you have any desire to listen to former Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin defend his quitting ways to Tony Dungy.

You might remember Martin as the 6’5″, 310lb lineman who quit his job rather than confront his friend/teammate who hurt his feelings. Sure, Martin’s was paid to stand up to bullies and protect his QB from said bullies, but come on people, Richie Incognito was a real meanie sometimes.

The interview is mostly “Im not a baby!”, but at least Coach Dungy doesn’t just let the big softy slide the whole time. Dungy challenged that the texts between Martin and Incognito seem more like friendly – albeit harsh – banter, and he tried to pin down whether or not Martin took the proper steps before running out on his teammates.

All in all, poor J-Mart was just too damn depressed by the Incognito culture, and it certainly had nothing to do with sucking at his job and watching his young QB get pummeled. At least Jonny is ready to work again. Anyone want to hire a lineman who’s scared of bullies?

Watch: Jonathan Martin (Dolphins) Speaks Out On bullying On TODAY NBC – YouTube.