House of Representatives will work even less in 2014 (as if that’s possible)



Productivity is overrated.


As if it’s not bad enough that this 113th Congress is the LEAST productive in modern history, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor released the 2014 schedule and turns out the House will be open only 113 working days. That’s down from 126 days in their historically unproductive 2013, but at least up from the horribly taxing 104 work days of 2012.

If this doesn’t piss you off completely, keep in mind that our Reps make $174,000 for working less than 1/3 of the year. Sorry, but campaigning to keep your job doesn’t count as doing your job.

In case you’re wondering what’s left for work in 2013, don’t bother. There’s only 16 scheduled work days over the next two months, and there’s no plans to tackle anything of importance (like the expired SNAP benefits, JOBS, immigration). Instead we get grandstanding, bashing Obamacare, mentioning Benghazi as many times as possible, and reminding poor people how lazy and unappreciative they are.

Congrats to House Republicans who nailed another way to shutdown the government: just don’t work.