The Dark Knight Rises Trailer #3

"You make me want to be a better man."


Not wanting Marvel and its assembling Avengers to run away with all the pre-summer pub, WB and Chris Nolan finally dropped the 3rd trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Needless to say it has all of Gotham in a frenzy.

The first two trailers were more like teasers; this one finally looks like a f*cking awesome Nolan movie. We get our first true glimpse of the Bane-breaking-Batman storyline, and Tom Hardy’s Bane voice sounds de-muddled and finally more scary than silly.  We also get a peek at the new players, and thankfully it appears Anne Hathaway wasn’t a dumb casting move, while Joseph Gordon-Levitt has the mouth-agape look down.

Regardless of the inherent awesomeness, TDKR certainly has an uphill battle ahead. The Dark Knight is highest grossing non-James Cameron movie of all time, and boasts one of the best acting performances of all time. Basically this means that anything short of an Academy Award or ranking #3 on the all time worldwide box office will render TDKR a flop.

Hornballs know The Ryno is a huge Bat-geek, so how could TDKR not disappoint me? The Dark Knight is possibly my favorite movie of all time (2nd only to Braveheart which will forever be enshrined no matter how nutty Mel the Maccabee gets), and easily the most-watched movie in my collection. How can it be topped?

Screw it, I’m amped. What do you Hornballs think of the new trailer?