The Sherms NFL Week 10 Forecast

Will Dol-Fans get 2 enjoyable weeks in a row?


Week 10 features an awesome slate of games, including five 4-Club games.

My season (Weeks 6-9) stats are as follows:

Win/Loss Record Entering Week 10:                     30-22

Record With Point Spread Entering Week 9:        26-20-3

Now let’s see if I can build on that and further cement myself as an NFL/Fantasy stat guru…


Bills (5-3) at Cowboys (4-4) ♣♣♣

The Bills’ head to Dallas locked in a three-way tie for the AFC East lead, while the Cowboys’ season tinkers on the edge.  The ‘Boys are 2 games behind the Giants for the NFC East lead and a game behind both the Falcons and Bears for the last wild-cards spot.  (Read: not the week you want Miles Austin out if you’re a Cowboys fan).

Look for Fred Jackson to run for 100+ yards in victory, and for Tony Romo to throw at least 2 INTs in defeat.

Prediction: Bills 24 – Cowboys 17


Texans (6-3) at Buccaneers (4-4) ♣♣♣

Andre Johnson is out one more week, so look for Buccaneers to defend their home turf and keep their playoff hopes alive with an upset victory.  Arian Foster and LeGarrett Blount should each surpass 100 yards.

Prediction: Buccaneers 24 – Texans 20


Titans (4-4) at Panthers (2-6) ♣♣

Cam Newton passes and run wild, Steve Smith racks up 125+ total yards and two TDs, and the Panthers get the W at home.

Prediction: Panthers 27 – Titans 20



Jaguars (2-6) at Colts (0-9) ♣

The Colts elevated themselves to the lone winless team with another loss, and an unfortunate Dolphins win, in Week 9.  The Colts will continue to Suck for Luck, and will not win more than one game this season.  Though the Jaguars are one of the weaker teams remaining on the Colts schedule, they’ll still beat the Colts by two TDs.

Look for MJD to surpass 100 yards and score two TDs in victory, and for Curtis Painter to tally 3 INTs in defeat.

Prediction: Jaguars 27 – Colts 13


Cardinals (2-6) at Eagles (3-5)  ♣♣ 

Last week the Eagles squandered an opportunity to claw back to .500 with a loss to Da Bears. No they need a Week 10 home win against the Cardinals to keep any hope of making the PLAYOFFS?!?!?! alive. Michael Vick and LeShan McCoy both post two TDs while Cardinals QB John Skelton throws at least two INTs.  Eagles live…but remain endangered.

Prediction: Eagles 27 – Cardinals 17


Saints (6-3) at Falcons (5-3)  ♣♣♣♣

This game pits the top two teams in NFC South in this divisional grudge match. This game should spend a lot of time on the Red Zone Channel. Starting TEs Jimmy Graham and  Tony G should each have 5+ receptions and at least 1 TD, and Drew Brees will throw 4 TDs in victory.

Prediction:  Saints 31 – Falcons 27

The Saints always fall ass-backwards into W's


Rams (1-7) at Browns (3-5) ♣

The Rams lost to Arizona in an overtime heartbreaker last week, but Rams fans have one thing to be thankful for…they’re still alive in the Suck for Luck Sweepstakes!  They stay alive this week as the Browns get three takeaways and Colt McCoy throws 2 TDs in victory.

Prediction:  Browns 24 – Rams 17


Redskins (3-5) at Dolphins (1-7)  ♣

The Dolphins shot themselves in the foot last week by upsetting the Chiefs, and put themselves a game and a half behind the Colts in the Suck for Luck Sweepstakes in the process.  The ‘Skins have lost five straight after starting 3-0, and so long as they start John Beck that trend will continue.  Beck throws three INTs and Matt Moore throws three TDs as the ‘Phins put the nail in their own Suck for Luck Coffin.

Blow for Barkley, anyone?

Prediction:  Dolphins 31 – Redskins 13


Broncos (3-5) at Chiefs (4-4) ♣♣♣

The AFC West has been extremely unpredictable this year.  After the Chargers got off to a 4-1 start, I thought that the Division title was theirs (again), and that the only story-line would be if the Raiders would stay competitive for the Wildcard.

I wrote the Chiefs off for dead after Jamal Charles went down, and couldn’t imagine the Tebow-led Broncos winning three games all season (not to mention by the season’s midway point).

Hence my surprise when the Chiefs beat the Raiders and Chargers in Weeks 7 and 8 to propel themselves into the divisional race, before losing a trap game at home against the then-winless Dolphins in Week 9.  Equally surprising: the Raiders lost to the Broncos in Week 9, but bounced back to beat the Chargers in Week 10. (Guess I need to get these Forecasts out prior to Thursday Night Football, henceforth.)

The surprises continue this Sunday as Willis McGahee keeps his comeback season going with 125+ rushing yards and 2 TDs, and Tebow keeps the turnovers to a minimum in playing well enough not to lose.

If the Broncos prove me right on Sunday, the entire AFC West will be separated by 1 game: Raiders at 5-4 and the Chiefs, Broncos and Bolts at 4-5.  Mediocrity hasn’t been this exciting since Season 6 of 24.

Prediction:  Broncos 27 – Chiefs 17

Will it be Tim or the Chiefs lineman Tebowing through Sunday?


Steelers (6-3) at Bengals (6-2)  ♣♣♣♣

The Bengals are one of 2011’s biggest surprises, and are currently tied for the AFC North (with the Ravens). They have a half game lead on the Steelers, who suffered a heartbreaking last-minute defeat to the Ravens on Sunday Night Football in Week 9.

The Steelers bounce back this week, winning a nail-bitter on the road. Questionably-consensual bar-bathroom sex ensues.

Prediction: Steelers 20 – Bengals 17


Ravens (6-2) at Seahawks (2-6) ♣

The Seahawks have been known to stun superior opponents at home (see: last year’s NFC Wildcard Round game vs. the Saints), but they’ll have no such luck this week.  The Ravens continue their winning ways and romp the Seahawks by three scores.

Prediction:  Ravens 30 – Seahawks 13


Lions (6-2) at Bears (5-3)  ♣♣♣♣

This is another great Week 10 divisional game.  The Lions currently hold the top Wildcard spot with the Bears one game back (and in a tie with the Falcons for the second and final Wildcard spot).  Needless to say this game is huge.

The Bears did a great job keeping Jay Cutler’s jersey clean in their Week 9 win against the Eagles.  Unfortunately for the Bears, the Lions defense is flat out nasty and will make Cutler’s day a long one.

Suh records 3 sacks, and Cutler comes out of the Lion’s Den bloodied and beaten.

Prediction:  Lions  24 – Bears 20

Will Cutler rule the air...or the turf?


Giants (6-2) at 49ers (7-1) ♣♣♣♣

Division leaders collide in what I expect to be a great game.  The 49ers look like a serious Super Bowl contender under Jim “Handshake” Harbaugh, and Eli Manning keeps making his case for why he is a top-tier (albeit lower top-tier) QB.

Unfortunately for the G-Men, Ahmad Bradshaw is likely out and his backup is major downgrade Brandon Jacobs.  Look for Alex Smith to continue his solid play, and for Frank Gore (100+ yards and 2 TDs) to carry the Niners to victory.

Though the Giants will come up short, they’ll eventually get a rematch in the Second Round of the playoffs.

Prediction:  49ers 27 – Giants 24


Patriots (5-3) at Jets (5-3) ♣♣♣♣

The Jets have been hot while the Patriots have looked less-than-elite of late.  Though I’ve said all season that the Patriots defense is sub-par, it was the Patriots offense that let them down in their Week 9 defeat at the hands of the Giants.

This week the Jets look to hand the Patriots their second straight loss to a New York team. Unfortunately for the Jets, Mark Sanchez is still their QB who – all things being semi-equal – just can’t compete with Tom Brady.

Though it will be close, look for the Patriots to prevail in the end, thanks of course to a Tom Brady game-winning drive in the final five minutes.

Prediction:  Patriots 24 – Jets 20

Will Welker-Air fly over Revis Island?


Vikings (2-6) at Packers (8-0) ♣♣

The Packers are undefeated and, though Vikings rookie QB Christian Ponder has a respectable start going, the Vikings won’t be able to compete with the Packers over a full 60 minutes.

If I’m Leslie Frazier I keep the ball on the ground with Adrian Peterson as much as possible, and try to shorten the game and limit Aaron Rodgers’ total possessions.  If AP can have an, um, AP-esque performance, the Vikings can keep it close…but the Pack will still win.

Look for Aaron Rodgers to throw 4 TDs in another spectacular performance.

Prediction:  Packers 31 – Vikings 17