GOP Goes to Vegas

The Republicans shooting Craps at the Venetian

The Republicans took a Vegas Vacation, and it was surely an entertaining trip.

I love to hear the issues debated and to listen to intelligent thought on our nation’s future, so obviously the Republican “Debate” in Las Vegas wasn’t ideal.

What I did get was a night of Republicans reminding us how Obama is the worst President ever (for trying to ensure ALL Americans had health coverage, create clean energy, and for killing jobs by trying to create them) and reminding us that even though they’ll all be supporting one person up there in a few months, right now everyone but them is unqualified for the job.

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One thing I found particularly hysterical is that every candidate tried to win the crowd by saying the Federal government should do less: stay of business, stay out of finance, stay out of state’s affairs, stay out of education, stay out of environmental regulations, stay out of your life (unless your gay, then they can tell you what to do).

Basically their key to win office is saying they don’t think they personally are the best one to handle those current decisions that need to be made, and they they actually want to do less.

Can you imagine if you said that in a job interview?

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Host Anderson Cooper tried to keep the Crap-spewing at a minimum, but was definitely caught smiling on camera as the Republicans cannibalized each other. He often reminded the candidates that they actually didn’t answer the question presented, and at one point Perry shot back to the “You ask the questions — I get to answer like I want to.” Standard.

The Big winners were easily Mitt Romney and Herman Cain who at least survived the Mute test: if you muted the TV, they were the only ones who appeared Presidential throughout the night. When you turn the Mute off that the image is killed.

The big losers were clearly Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum who had to beg and plead like toddlers (“Anderson, Anderson, ANDERSON!!!!”) for their chance to throw in their useless two cents.

Here’s a quick recap of my impressions from the night:

Cain: Big Herm seems to be the only one candidate talking about what he’ll do, rather than what he won’t do or what he’ll repeal. He also spends less time attacking the other candidates and surprisingly he’s the only Republican that will use the phrase “I misspoke” instead of trying to BS his way through his answer. He still doesn’t seem to get that you have to win over the WHOLE country, and not just 10%, but at least he sticks to his guns.

Romney: It was fun watching him bicker with Santorum over time-keeping, and with Gov. Perry over just about everything. He also showed a little personality with a jab or two at Perry’s expense, my favorite being the call-out: “Its been a tough couple of debates for Rick, so I understand”. Romney seems to be the only one who keeps “cool” while bickering.

Paul: This is the only guy left who speaks the TRUTH. Sure, its what HE thinks is the truth, but at least someone isn’t just spewing what the Right wants to hear. He has his own ideas about everything, and shockingly even supports the Occupy protests. He even called out Cain for saying the protesters should blame themselves for their plight, and said many can blame the financial situation and the rich. Wow, the balls on this guy!  But saying he’d end ALL Foreign Aid, even to Israel (who he says is dependent on the US) is surely enough to lose him any chance at the Oval Office.

Perry: This guy IS Josh Brolin playing George Bush. When he’s not focused on talking his way out of the contest, he’s trying to prove that he’s better than his big brother Mitt. His line of the night could be any of his unintelligible ramblings, but his “I love you brother, but let me tell you something…” to Herman Cain stole the show. Brother??? To the black guy?? Either he’s going to apologize all day today, or you’re gonna hear Rick Perry calling everyone “Brother” to prove he isn’t racist.

Bachmann: Michele did three things Tuesday night: beg for time to talk, attack Obama and remind people that she’s a mother. She speaks in broad strokes and wants to win office just by telling how wonderful she’d be because she would “save” them from the Obama government that is trying to hard to save them…oh wait, what? Of course, she couldn’t pass up an opportunity to sound like an idiot, and her bungling of the word “heinous” (she says “heen-ee-us”) did the trick. Also, when she had to stifle a PROUD smile when the crowd actually applauded for her after she said she wouldn’t end aid to Israel, she looked so cute pathetic and unworthy of the Office.

Gingrich: Rambled on about professorial stuff. He knows this isn’t for President of Library of Congress, right? He tried to play the adult role again by accusing another host of trying to get them to bicker, but Newt, Anderson only asks the questions, he doesn’t write the candidate responses. As Jon Stewart once said, your looking in the mirror and saying the mirror is wrong. There were 6 other people up on the stage spewing hate, but it was AC’s fault?

Santorum: Usually people stay in this long to fight for a cause, but the only cause this guy has is wasting supporter’s money. All he did all night was bring up trivial stuff from the other candidates’ records, and then whine when he didn’t get as much time to talk as the others. No one wants to hear you talk Rick.

All in all, it was one of the more entertaining “debates”, but very little (beyond appearances) was actually learned about these 7 candidates. Bachmann, Gingrich and Santorum and Perry need to leave the race ASAP so the rest of the county can focus on what can hopefully be an intelligent debate from Romney, Cain, Paul, and Huntsman.

Until then, the person who benefits the most from these debates is President Obama.

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  1. I’m impressed that you managed to sit through the whole thing!

    Did your brain not rot and melt oozing slowly out of your eyes and ears?

    I’m stunned to hear your less than deadly negative comments about Paul. Lesser of multiple weevils, eh?

  2. No apples and oranges talk?? lol

    • Yeah that was hysterical. Especially because everyone was trying to make it look like Cain was responsible for state taxes as well.