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Congrats to last week’s Crazy Caption Winners: AreYouKiddingMe, TDV and John Mullin


  1. Republicans continue to screw themselves

  2. Another “elephants behaving badly” photo from our beloved Ryno, he must have some troubling zoo memories from childhood.

  3. Disney’s Animal Kingdom gives new meaning to the “splash zone.”

  4. Who says size doesn’t matter?

  5. For the sake of the people on the front elephant let’s all hope he doesn’t pull out.

  6. That’s funny, my elephant wants to play leapfrog with the elephant in front. Honey, get the camera!

  7. Sherman’s safari vacation goes horribly awry!

  8. In his homeland, doggies do it “elephant-style.” He’s the Most Interesting Elephant in the World.

  9. If I could only get these tourists off me I’d really be hittin it bareback

  10. “Sex tourism continues to be a problem in the Far East…” — Damon Colangelo (posted on Facebook)

  11. Brings a whole new meaning to ‘bringing up the rear!’ — Jason Rubenstein (posted on Facebook)

  12. Gives new meaning to a “Mounted Elephant Ride” — Jeremy Lechner (posted on Facebook)

  13. Big Girls need love too! — Randy Pestana (posted on Facebook)