VIDEO: Mo Brooks vs. Contessa Brewer

MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer thought she was hot shit while discussing the negative state of the economy with Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL). After he disagreed with her view on the dismal state of the economy, Brewer tried to embarrass Brooks and attack his credibility. She busted out the ol “Yeah, well do you have a degree in Economics?” Uh-oh, he sure does! Not just any old degree, either;  Brooks earned his Economics Degree with Highest Honors. Oh yeah he also has a Political Science degree and a Law Degree.

Ms. should do my research before I ask questions Brewer was magna cum laude in journalism, but must have cheated because she forgot how to be a professional. She acted like an erudite bitch, but when she tried to belittle her GUEST, Contessa instead bolstered his credibility on the issue.

She’s an idiot, and she should be fired and forced to work the Saturday 6am shift. It’s a shame the video clip ends before we see Contessa get the shit slapped out of her by her producer.

Unfortunately this shit is commonplace in the war over bullshit played by MSNBC and Fox News. They both pander to their extreme bases, and leave actual news somewhere behind.

Watch the clip below and laugh at this poor excuse of “journalism” and great excuse to make fun of someone forever.