VIDEO: “Oh for Fox Sake”

Last week I had an intelligent argument conversation with one of my best friends, and he decried the horrors of the “liberal” media and that the “conservative side has to be told.” I just don’t get why he, and millions of others, need all of their news to come from just one side?

The news isn’t  “liberal” or “conservative”; Newsmen are. The news itself just IS.

I’m tired of hearing about the evil Liberal media. The media SHOULD be liberal and open minded, and their news should be OBJECTIVE. The “liberal media” is often the fallback label thrown on by conservatives whenever a story questions their propaganda efforts.

Bottom line, “Conservatives” (often through their mouthpiece Fox News) set the narrative, and every attempt to combat that often blatantly false narrative is derided as the sinister work of the “lame-stream” media trying to suppress the righteous voice of the right. Yuch.  “Liberals” even try to counter this attack with less-efficient liberal mouthpieces like MSNBC, but those attempts are often transparent and just as annoying.

Get your info from more than one source, but be aware that inevitably everyone is selling you something, even if they don’t realize it. You don’t need to buy it to understand it.

In any case, Stew-beef brought it in last night’s Daily Show on this very topic and more. Take a look.


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  1. Sure, and now to demonstrate how objective journalism works…this one from the anals…
    Johnny and Kip were playing hockey at Forest Park skating rink. Suddenly a vicious pit bull came up and attacked Kip. Instead of panicking, Johnny sneaked up behind the dog, stuck his hockey stick in the dog’s collar, and broke the dog’s neck.
    A reporter from St. Louis heard about what had happened with the boy and he went to the Johnny’s house to him. He asked Johnny how all of
    this happened, and Johnny told him. Then he asked Johnny if he could write about him, and Johnny said sure. So the reporter pulled out his
    notepad and started writing, “Blues fan from St. Louis saves friend from vicious dog.”
    Johnny said, “I’m not a Blues fan.”
    So the reporter started writing again. “Cardinals fan from St. Louis saves friend from dog.”
    Johnny said, “I’m not a Cardinals fan either.”
    The reporter finally asked, “What the hell are you a fan of?”
    Johnny said, “I’m a Detroit Redwings fan.”
    The reporter frowned and stared writing again: “Little bastard from Michigan kills family pet.”

    The news itself just IS.