Crap you should read Thursday (5/5)


Congress is now involved with the SONY PlayStation Network data heist of the data for over 100 million users. SONY had to drop its pants and announce that although it previously thought otherwise, more than 12 million subscribers had their credit information stolen. Pursuant to the Congressional investigation, SONY sent a letter to Congress explaining that the Internet Hacking group ANONYMOUS is part of a coordinated theft as ANONYMOUS tied up their servers for weeks with “denial of service” issuances, which distracted the system when the real breach occurred.

Feds say that SONY waited 2 days (which is 2 days too long) to notify anyone of the heist, and they better now get on it and tell the specific users that their financial information has been stolen, ASAP. There are going to be a lot of pissed Asian parents.

I’ve told my Horny readers before, this is a big friggen deal. We are talking about financial security on the internet. There is no such thing as secure information. If its written in code, there’s a code to read it. Its that simple.

Or follow my mom’s advice and NEVER use your debit-card online, unless of course its to pay for pictures at CVS.

Sony details data breach to Congress — Reuters

One Hacker urges the group to post the new naked pictures they found of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

More Bin Laden Madness

Even more great Osama news. Turns out Osama’s daughter told Pakistani Intelligence that American forces (who let her live) captured her loving father alive, but then a JSOC soldier shot him right there in front of the others. The other dead bodies at the scene were found in pools of blood, but no weapons. JSOC reports have him being shot in his bedroom, first through the chest, then above his eye.

You do realize what this means. Someone shot this bastard in a calculated maneuver, not just a random spray of bullets. That is friggen awesome. I hope someone gave a cool command like “waste this asshole.” I wonder if the Navy Seal just shot him anyway, against orders, just like ANY American would. Sure they say Osama was “going for something” that could have been an AK-47, a bomb, or a trigger to a bomb. I’d say the same thing, but probably make up something more antagonistic like he was threatening to tear up Obama’s Birth Certificate or maybe he was threatening to perform an abortion.

I wish we’d get to see the photos, but President Classy-Pants won’t show ’em to us. Not fair. He says he doesn’t want the gory photos to be fodder for anti-Americanism. Like Kirstie Alley. Dude, the class of people who’d be offended by Bin Laden death photos ALREADY HATE US. We had to watch the disgustingly graphic images of 9/11, PLEASE give us some kind of visceral retribution. I don’t need to see the photos as proof, I want to see them as vindication.

Obama decides not to release Bin Laden death photos — Reuters

Osama captured alive but shot dead — Al Arabiya News

Seal Team 6 member updates his Facebook Profile pic straight from Abbottabad


US Attorney General Eric Holder let slip that his office has sent an Inquiry to the NCAA President Mark Emmett asking “WTF? Why no playoff?” Basically the letter asks why the NCAA is denying a playoff when the country clearly wants one. Many see serious anti-trust issues with the Bowl Championship Series, but the NCAA contends the system is better for schools. Don’t be fooled, the BCS doesn’t benefit individual schools, it benefits the major conferences to the detriment of lesser conferences. This is where the anti-trust crap comes in.

Why stick to the BCS? MONEY. Lots of it. In the current system, major conferences are guaranteed a certain amount of appearances, which means guaranteed money. If you do a playoff system, schools from outside of the major conferences would be included, which means big-conference schools are excluded. This just doesn’t work. The current system which Sen Orrin Hatch calls “a mess”, gives the bowl money earned by appearances to the conference which divvies it up to the individual schools. Its in this fashion that the better programs take care of the lesser programs in their conference. Its a lot of money we’re talking. Which, of course, is always the reason things go to court.

NCAA officials also openly wonder why the US is wasting money on an investigation into a sport, but that duck don’t hunt. This is a billion dollar industry where the money goes to mostly tax exempt organizations, so I think Congress can stick its nose in it.

Justice Dept sends letter to NCAA asking why there’s no football playoff — USA Today

"You gonna tell me why I'll never shee Boishe Shtate in the championship game?"

Republican Shit-Talking Postponed

The Republican “Debate” supposed to take place tonight at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library might be postponed until September due to a lack of candidates. This must have come to a surprise to the 5 candidates that were set to attend, but apparently no one cares what these particular folks had to say. Which is a shame, because Tim Pawlenty is looking forward to cleaning house against the Godfather’s Pizza guy and some other stiff who I’m assuming is against The Gay Marriage.

Republican Debate pushed back til September because of lack of candidates? — Reuters

"The uh, ethics of uh, business...HA! I'm kidding, this is a GOP debate, right?"

Palin Idiocy

Lets play a favorite game of mine, Sarah Palin Jeopardy…

Sarah’s Answer: “Oh my goodness, that’s a great question…Um, gosh, that’s a great question, I have to think about it, OK? Because there are many.”

Q: What is your favorite section of the Koran? No.

Q: Who is your favorite Japanese stone garden landscaper? No.

Q: Who is the most influential member of the Wu Tang Clan? No.

Q: Who is the most influential journalist today? DING DING

The lady couldn’t name a single journalist. Not one. This was at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, a dinner to recognize political journalists, and she was asked to name the most influential journalist today. Absolutely befuddled. She then turns to her husband who gives her the Your on your own, lady look. Keep in mind that she could have named anyone in the room and she could have been ok. Shit, she worked for Fox News so she could have named anyone from the office (perhaps that’s a nod to there being no influential journalists at Fox News, but I digress) and passed the pop-quiz. But under the intense scrutiny of the “lame-stream” media she crumbled. By the way, every other person in attendance was able to answer the dastardly question sufficiently.

“Um, gosh! That’s such a great question.” Barf you very much. The Alaskan Gubernatorial Darling was either wasted (which I hope is the spin she chooses)…OR she’s never picked up a newspaper, clicked on a link, turned on the news or had a thought of her own….OR she truly can’t answer a single question without practicing the response in front of a mirror and her white-trash daughter. This is almost exactly the same question Katie Couric “cornered” her on in 2008, could she not memorize one name in that time?

Why did she agree to go to this thing, anyway? That would be like me going to the ballet awards! (I just wear the outfit, don’t know the moves). I know she’s so friggin’ irrelevant, but if she’s going to keep pretending she matters, I’m going to keep proving she doesn’t.

(Palin comes in at the 1:20 mark).

And here’s the classic, Palin v. Couric