Crap you should read Wednesday (4/13)


Hope you love Budget news, as this will be the issue (minus a possible “unavoidable” war or three) that will define the next couple of years. Obama’s laying out his counter plan to the Rep’s slash job. Um, how about go out and raise money again? Have you ever heard of a company just shutting down operations rather than seeking further capital? These wouldn’t be tax hikes, they’re putting taxes back to where they were before the ridiculous Bush Tax cuts that Obama was blackmailed into extending.

Obama’s 4-part Tax plan — USA Today

Obama set to discuss Budget today, raising taxes — Huffington Post

J-Bone and the Reps refuse to see raising money as key to fixing economy — Huffington Post

Obama trying to get the band back together on Budget

Movie News

Eric Draven might be returning from the dead…again? Yup. Rumor has it Bradley Cooper (by rumor I mean Cooper’s agent is blabbing around town making this shit up and hoping it catches) is in hurried talks to play the rocker returned from the dead to avenge his girlfriends death, cure ills to society, and remind people that goth can save lives too. But Cooper? Everybody wants their Hair to be cool like Phil, but crime-avenger? Let me know what you think.

Bradley Cooper to star in The Crow reboot?

You sure you want to take this role?

Another Superhero Stage Show?

American’s best comic book hero finds his way to the stage, and I aint talking Spiderman. The Dark Knight is hitting the theater, and why haven’t you heard about it? Because its in friggen England! And no one has died on the set yet. I thought they did a gay Batman stage show, wasn’t it called Batman and Robin?

Batman Live in UK

Why so serious?

Miami Heat Playoffs

With playoffs around the corner, Heat fans deserve to have a little excitement. We have been waiting for this moment ever since LeBron offended the world with his egotistical (but geographically false) declaration that he was coming to play in South Beach. Since then we’ve been forced to hear about how horrible our team is even though we have 2 of the best players in the world. Well now is the time to shine. We’ll have much more discussion on how we think the playoffs will unfold, but in the meantime, here’s a little Heat playoff nostalgia for you, videos courtesy of the Sun-Sentinel.

VIDEOS: Miami Heat Great Playoff Moments

"Once I get this coach off my leg, Imma kill you!"

MUST Read Op-Ed

In this brave piece, LZ Granderson questions the fact that we allow the uninformed masses to choose our leaders and vote in elections. Doesn’t make sense! Do you ask your plumber to choose your method of intestinal surgery, or do you go to a Doctor? Do you have your accountant fix your blown engine, or do you go to a mechanic? So why do we let people who have NO idea what the issues are, or what the candidates really stand for, choose our leaders and set our course?

We require licenses for all other major responsibilities in this country, why should voting be any different? Should we make sure that voters even understand government, general civics and lawmaking before allowing them to vote? Or is our basic right to vote so fundamental that it trumps common sense?

I will be exploring this issue from a few sides over the coming weeks, but in the meantime, DEFINITELY check out Granderson’s piece.

Should everyone be allowed to vote? Why do we put important choices in the hands of the un-informed? — LZ Granderson, CNN

Congrats on your wise choice

Marketing Execs think all tweens are sluts?

Its no secret that sex sells. So how do you sell goods to the best demographic there is, teen girls. You sell them sexy stuff, thats how. It must be miserable to raise a daughter these days. And parents are blaming everyone else but themselves. The clothes are getting sluttier, the toys are getting skankier, songs are getting more suggestive. I hear that, but you’re the one who let their 11 year old daughter out of the house with the fitted pants that say “Horny” on the ass, right?

Marketers target Tween girls inappropriately — USA Today





  1. There are obvious reasons why some politicians want felons, blithering idiots and recent immigrants to vote. Those same politicians fight hard for same day voter registration… If the election is close there is nothing like same day registration to deliver the precinct for your guy. Ask former Mayor Richard Daley why Chicago/Cook County reports so late every time. As Pres. Nixon said to JFK, ” You stole the election fair and square”

  2. “Have you ever heard of a company just shutting down operations rather than seeking further capital?” Ahhhhhhh….yes, sir. I have. It happens all the time on planet earth. You might have heard of it as downsizing, off-shoring, laying off, plant closing, streamling or any of a number things.
    On planet earth, if a company’s debt ratios are not held in check, lenders stop lending, or the cost of borrowing becomes to expensive. Prudent companies stop spending (for starters), they combine divisions, they steamline operations, they evaluate what their core business is, and they stick to that business while exiting the rest. Families tighten then belts. Governments should do the same or suffer the consequenses.
    Of course, on Planet Lib, money grows on trees, and you have to “spend more money to avoid bankruptcy”.

  3. Thank you President Obama for being the third man into the budget debate. If you want to pick the number one seed for your budget bracket, it is Paul Ryan’s (relation?) Plan to Prosperity. MUST READING (not that the USA Today journalist’s interpretation of what is going on isn’t, Rhino).
    Americans face a monumental choice about the future of their country.
    This budget resolution reflects that choice. It disavows the relentless government spending, taxing, and borrowing that are leading America, right at this moment, toward a debt-fueled economic crisis and the demise of America’s exceptional promise.
    It chooses instead a path to prosperity – by limiting government to its core constitutional roles, keeping America’s promises to seniors, and unleashing the genius of America’s workers, investors, and entrepreneurs.
    For too long, policymakers in Washington have traveled the path of least resistance – a path that has, unsurprisingly, led the nation downhill. The empty promises made by Washington over the years have
    resulted in economic hardships today and increasing pessimism about tomorrow.
    Government at all levels is mired in debt. Mismanagement and overspending have left the nation on the brink of bankruptcy. Only recently, millions of American families saw their dreams destroyed in a
    financial disaster caused by misguided policies, perverse incentivesand irresponsible leadership. This
    crisis squandered the nation’s savings and crippled its economy.

    Wow…this message sounds libritarian…and American. It is about time.