Must have shoes to go easy breezy this monsoon

Must have shoes to go easy breezy this monsoon

This time of the year, when it can shower down anytime and the roads go slippery, we need to be careful at our steps. But that shouldn’t stop us from being fashionable. Why should we limit ourselves to flip-flops only, while we have a whole new range of footwear? Different types of footwear are available which are super comfortable and water resistant, at least which can prevent skidding.  Here are some very trending shoes, some of which we should add to our collection, so that we can step out in style and have all the fun in the rain. 


The fact that sandals with flat or no heels will top the list of monsoon shoes is obvious. To have that sprightly feel, you can opt for sandals anytime. They are in fashion and can be styled with almost anything, western or ethnic. Sandals come in all colors and shapes. Avail those using Vogacloset coupon codes. You can choose according to your need. But the versatility of sandals assures that you don’t have to spend much on buying 3 to 4 pairs together. If chosen prudently 1 pair can go well with a wide range ofl outfits.  


You can literally hop at the sight of pitter patter rain drops, but won’t fall. Flip-flops are that easy breezy pair of fun shoes we can wear anytime. Though they are completely casual and can never be incorporated into your formal look, they can give you a modish look. Hence, they are worn at parties also. They are fun and give us delights of guileless childhood, be it a canary yellow flip-flop or a printed pink one. They are very colorful and now printed flip-flops are the coolest and trendiest version.


Conventionally, gumboots are considered as ideal shoes to wear in rain. While they provide full covering, they are warm and comfortable inside. Though suede or leather gumboots are not very suitable for rain and the textures get easily affected if kept wet, gumboots made of rubber are good to go. Today, gumboots of silicone or polymer are quite popular among youngsters. Gumboots go well with trench coats and any formal attire. They are classy. Black gumboots have been popular since ages but now printed and textured ones are gaining popularity.


Sneakers are sport shoes, often padded and supportive. While they are always soft inside, on the outside they are coated with layers. The sole is hardy and tough, good enough for hiking and walking in the rain. Redeem Vogacloset coupon codes for best buying experience.

Thick wedges

Wedges are new in the world of fashion, but they have already started winning hearts. East or west, they have a global fan base. And their versatile nature is all behind this. Wedges come in floral prints, zebra prints, or simple stripes, in other words they come in variety. But in whatever look they come, they can go well with any kind of outfit. Wedges can be paired with simple jeans-top, cropped pants, trousers, palazzos, dresses, burqas, long flown maxi dresses and what not. And what makes them ideal for monsoon, are their thick rubber or fiber souls.

Block heels

Now, if you can’t do without heels at all, then shoes with block or flat heels are safer during monsoon. For your pretty formal dress or pencil skirt, you can sport them but with caution. Avoid wearing leather ones, instead go for rubber or silicone based ones.

With all these fun and modish footwear, you are ready to go out and enjoy the monsoon to the fullest.

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