More Witnesses Come Out Against Scott Galvin

Posted by on Nov 9, 2011

Is anybody learning a lesson from all this?


***This article was originally posted back in May 2011. Unfortunately, it’s still an issue, which means The Ryno’s Horn will keep up the good fight…


After 3 long years, it seemed the Horowitz family would finally find some justice for their lost brother and son. In 2008, Greg Horowitz killed himself, and left a suicide letter that accused Councilman Scott Galvin of molesting him when he was 12 years old. Back in 2008, Galvin claimed that he couldn’t recall when he met Greg, but offered that he and Greg had a consensual adult relationship in recent years. With no way to verify Greg’s horrific account, the case was closed.

Recently North Miami detectives reopened the investigation into molestation charges against the North Miami Councilman after more witnesses came forward and proved Galvin “may not have been truthful” when originally questioned about his involvement with Horowitz.

Many questioned the timing of this new investigation, only days before the election for North Miami City Council. Some said it was a revenge plotted by North Miami police because Galvin was trying to root out police corruption. Others said it was shady politics engineered by his opponent, Hiram Quinones. Let us not forget the ridiculous It’s only because Galvin is Gay” crowd.

Unfortunately the Because He Did It crowd stayed mostly silent, and the screams for Justice were too little, too late.

Last week was a great week for Scott Galvin. He kept his Council seat for North Miami with a whopping 85% of the vote, and North Miami Police closed the new investigation into the molestation that eventually led to Greg’s suicide.

You’ll surely hear cries that the case was closed for lack of evidence, or that this proves the conspiracy theories of Galvin’s blind supporters.

That could not be further from the truth.

Galvin in a children’s library

The Ryno’s Horn has access to all of the police reports and memos, and there is plenty to prove that Galvin was dishonest with investigators. The collective testimony paints a disturbing picture of Scott Galvin as child predator who often hung out with 10 to 12 year olds, got them drunk and high and showed them porn.

Jeff Horowitz, Greg’s brother, was thrilled to hear that more have spoken out against Galvin, but is disturbed by their testimony. “On one hand I’m relieved because this proves Galvin lied–and continues to lie–about what happened with my brother. On the other hand, it’s scary that Galvin seems to be some lawless Peter Pan figure who ran around with young, impressionable kids…and he’s going to get off Scott-free.”

Closing the case had nothing to do with innocence. Florida statutes of limitations have expired on any possible charges of providing minors with drugs, alcohol or pornographic material. Further, the suicide note would not hold up beyond a reasonable doubt in criminal court because the author isn’t alive anymore to verify authenticity. So even with all this new evidence…Case Closed.

Fortunately, I don’t work for the State Attorney, and I am unaffiliated with Police. I’m an Advocate in the Court of Public Opinion, and now you’ll get to read the damning, eyebrow-raising testimony so you can arrive at your own verdict.

Last month childhood friends came across a Miami Herald article and were shocked to read Greg’s accusations against Scott Galvin, but even more shocked to learn Scott denied knowing Greg back in the 1990s. They knew this was untrue. They all hung out with Scott Galvin when they were that age. Most of them even recalled Greg telling them back then that Galvin “tried to touch [him]”.

As kids, they laughed this off. As adults, they wouldn’t do the same thing.

They took their stories to North Miami Police, and it was their statements that caused detectives to re-open the investigation.

Not revenge, not politics, not homophobia. It was the stories of these six brave friends that convinced detectives that Galvin “may not have been truthful”.

Scott Galvin: Man of Conviction

The first friend clearly remembered Scott Galvin as a “chaperon/babysitter” for Greg. He even recalled a specific occasion in 1994 when he, Greg, and some other friends were in Galvin’s car driving around and “egging” people. Afterwards Galvin invited the kids back to his house to hang out and party. He remembered Galvin made an “inappropriate joke” and tried to pinch his butt. They eventually left the house, but Greg stayed behind, and afterwards he remembered Greg said his babysitter/chaperone, Scott Galvin, “tried to touch him”.

The next witness shared more about that day of egging and partying back at Galvin’s. He remembered smoking weed and drinking alcohol back at Galvin’s house, and confirmed Greg said Galvin tried to touch him after everyone else left.

The third person remembered hanging out with Galvin when they were around 12 years old. Galvin was a counselor at his summer camp, and he remembered the time when Galvin drove them around while they threw eggs. He also remembered the party back at Galvin’s house and that Greg said Galvin tried to touch him.

A fourth witness was a 10 year old at the same summer camp where Galvin was a counselor. He remembered leaving camp one day with two friends. They were met by Galvin who “showed them pornography and talked to them about sex.”

The fifth friend remembered an occasion from one summer at the camp when he was in an attic loft with Galvin. He didn’t really remember the pornography, but did remember Galvin talking about sex. Several years later he was at Galvin’s house after that day of egging, and remembers drinking alcohol. He also remembered Greg said Galvin tried to touch him.

The sixth witness told Detectives that he spent a lot of time at Greg’s house, and saw Galvin there many times. Galvin used to drive them around, and he would drink alcohol and smoke weed almost every time he was in Galvin’s car.

Now to be clear, everything the witnesses say about any possible sexual molestation is just hearsay; Greg is no longer here to verify the statements. To make matters worse, too much time has passed to prosecute any crimes committed by providing drugs and alcohol to minors.

But just because its been too long to put him in jail, does that mean Galvin’s alleged child-predator behavior no longer matters?

Its worth noting that none of the witnesses heard Greg definitively say that he was forced to do anything sexually with Galvin, only that “he tried to touch him”.

But is it too far a stretch to think that on a later occasion, while drunk and high, that a 12 year old could be talked into doing something he wouldn’t normally do? Is it too far a stretch to think that this 12 year old wouldn’t tell his friends it happened after they laughed him off the first time?

In regards to remembering if he knew Greg as a boy, Galvin has lamely stated “I can’t go back and remember when I met somebody.”

Of course you can, Councilman. Greg wasn’t someone Galvin just met a few years back. Galvin could have admitted to babysitting and chaperoning Greg when he was a boy, there was never any way to prove anything illicit without Greg here to testify otherwise.

Why did you lie, Mr. Galvin?

If you close your eyes,  the allegations just go away

Even if you did have an adult relationship, is that a defense to your alleged overall behavior with pre-teen boys? Is it acceptable to feed drugs and alcohol to impressionable kids so early in life?

The Horowitz family is thankful these witnesses stepped forward to fill in the gaps for us, but Jeff is worried that this will all be ignored because “Galvin supporters will probably accuse them all of lying for political reasons.” Unfortunately, Horowitz might be right, and you might hear further accusations of gay-bashing and laughable suggestions that all of North Miami’s youth are conspiring with the Mayor and Police to unseat the one man fighting corrupt government officials.

Or just maybe it’s possible that North Miami will actually hear the witnesses’ words that paint a vivid picture of someone you DON’T WANT AROUND YOUR CHILDREN?

Now that the police have closed the investigation, and the state attorney is refusing to press charges, that means that Scott Galvin can only now be judged by the Court of Public Opinion.

There are at least two sides to every story, and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Is this “middle” someplace you’re comfortable leaving your children?

If you’re fed up with no one taking action against Councilman Scott Galvin, and if you don’t want a person with this type of background governing or allowed near your children, then take a stand.

What can be done?

Share the information. Re-post, re-tweet, forward on, and use social media to make sure everyone knows the facts, and ensure that they aren’t clouded by misinformation and deflection. These are the keys to protecting South Florida’s youth, and the way to save other families from the pain that the Horowitzes feel. This is the way to save any more of your children from being forced down the tragic path that Scott Galvin forced Greg down.

Speak up, and make sure that people in power are asking the right questions. If you are worried about the youth of North Miami, then don’t let this die away.

For starters, you can contact:

The prosecution in the People vs. Councilman Scott Galvin will never rest.

What’s your verdict?

***editor’s note: The author is close with the Horowitz family, and Jeff Horowitz is a regular contributer to The Ryno’s Horn. This article is not for political purposes, but only to fulfill Gregory Horowitz’s last request to make sure his side of the story was told.

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Is Councilman Scott Galvin a Child Molester?

Posted by on May 6, 2011

Scott Galvin sexually molested me when you went to visit Ron when I was 12. Jeff wasn’t home I didn’t know what was going on and after he said if I tell you he’d hurt me. I was 12 scared and confused he didn’t fuck me or anything jerked me off sucked my dick and made me suck his. It started when David, Jill’s son molested me by holding me down and jerking me off way b4 Scott. I can’t live knowing that’s been on my mind last 14 years. Too embarrassed to tell you and didn’t want to imagine that

Sorry I had a horrible hidden life your just finding out now. Make my funeral good, nice suit haircut.

All I have to say is life sucks, love you, please let what I said and get Scott, Aaron, David for molesting me.

These are the final words of Greg Horowitz, a pained 26 year old who took his own life with a chrome revolver in July of 2008. The Horowitz family has lived with the horrible truths exposed by Greg’s tragic death, but none more shocking and painful than the allegations that Greg Horowitz was sexually molested by a 27 year old named Scott Galvin, when he was just a 12 year old boy.

By the way, Scott Galvin is asking for your vote in the May 10th re-election for North Miami City Councilman, District 1.

Councilman Scott GalvinÂ

To this day, no charges have been brought on Galvin, nor upon any of the others mentioned in the suicide letter. You can read the original handwritten letter below.

Greg’s Letter, Page 1

Greg's Letter, Page 2

North Miami detectives allegedly re-opened the molestation case last week in light of new developments, but is this just shady pre-election tactics or did somebody finally wake up and smell the bullcrap?

The investigation was only closed because North Miami Police knew Greg’s letter would be insufficient evidence to combat Galvin’s vehement denials. Galvin claims he can’t recall meeting Greg as a boy, and instead claims he was a jilted lover from an adult relationship. Did the Police expect them to just admit they raped or molested someone 17 years ago? Hell no. But why would someone put false, random allegations in a suicide letter?

As we’re all painfully aware, Greg said all there was to say in his letter, and is no longer here to tell his side of the story. So for the North Miami Police, it was case closed.

For Jeff Horowitz, Greg’s only brother, the case never closed.

Refusing the lame explanations the North Miami Police so easily accepted, Jeff is conducting his own investigation into the startling revelations from his brother’s final statement to the world.

“Unfortunately my brother made it apparent in his note that I let him down in some ways,” Jeff explains. “But he also made it obvious that he wanted us to ‘get’ the people who did these things to him; things that led him to do what he did.

“Greg made one last request. I won’t let him down.”

With the help of a private investigator, Horowitz uncovered obvious inefficiencies in the police investigation, and gaping inconsistencies in Galvin’s alibi and explanations. All this has convinced him that Scott Galvin molested his baby brother, destroyed his life, and is now lying to avoid destroying his own life. This is exactly what Jeff intends to expose.

Greg and Carolyn Horowitz enjoying Greg's college graduation

Jeff has always been suspicious. On the night Greg died, North Miami Police took the suicide letter as evidence and gave a redacted copy back to the Horowitz family days later. According to Jeff, about two-thirds of the letter was crossed out because of the criminal implications mentioned inside.

“Think about this for a second. The contents of the letter were Greg’s final statement to the world, to his family. We’re looking for answers and they gave us thick, black bars. What were they covering up? Who were they covering for?”

North Miami Police finally gave the un-redacted letter to Greg’s mother 8 months later, only after they closed their investigation. Carolyn Horowitz couldn’t grasp that her son’s final confession was insufficient proof, so naturally she assumed Scott Galvin was somehow abusing his power as City Councilman to cover up an old crime. She felt trapped, so she kept the secrets of the letter from her one remaining son, Jeff, hoping he’d never discover the “hidden life” his brother killed himself to escape from.

Over two long years later, Jeff saw his brother’s name in the Miami Herald, and old wounds were ripped open. The Herald Article explained that the North Miami City Council was made aware of the Horowitz suicide police report, the one with Galvin’s name in the starring role. Galvin dismissed the move as a dirty political tactic by Hiram Quinones, his opponent in the upcoming May 10th election for the City Council. Of course, the Horowitz family was never contacted for the story, and the Herald ran a follow up hack-job of a story that seemed to have the intention of discrediting Greg as a vindictive, homosexual druggie.

Jeff was crushed. This was the first he heard about the details of his brother’s accusations, and now he was reading in the newspaper that his brother had a secret life. To top it all off, Galvin was sullying his brother’s name by calling him a vindictive liar.

“My brother wasn’t an imaginative person; he was never malicious, and other than keeping this all from me, he never lied.” Jeff has a hard time imagining his brother as a homosexual because Greg always had girlfriends, but he acknowledges that some of the evidence points to a lot of contact between Galvin and Greg as adults. “Who am I supposed to believe: my brother or the man who took a vulnerable kid and made him perform oral sex when he was only 12? I think I trust my brother.”

Galvin hopes you won't dig too far into his past

Jeff knows for a fact that Galvin is lying through his teeth about not remembering Greg from his childhood. Jeff vividly remembers opening the door and letting Scott Galvin into his home 17 years ago. His mother was out of town, and the 27 year old Galvin was a guest of Aaron Miller, who was there to look after his brother. Jeff remembers thinking it was creepy for a 27 year old to ‘tag along and babysit’ but he was a friend of Aaron’s, who was ‘practically family’. Jeff trusted Aaron to look after his brother’s safety, and he’ll carry that guilt with him forever.

North Miami police flew up to Boston to question Miller, but he denied all allegations. According to the police report, the one “promising” fact to come out of that interrogation was that Aaron confirmed he introduced Scott Galvin to the Horowitz family as a potential babysitter.

“Why would Galvin lie?” Jeff wonders. “And why were the lies and inconsistencies not enough to arrest him?” Jeff thinks he knows. “Maybe because Galvin was their boss?”

Jeff’s theory could explain why Detectives even accepted Galvin’s “alibi” in the first place. Who cares if Greg and Scott did have an adult relationship? Greg accused him of crimes from his childhood; crimes that haunted him for the next 14 years. Whatever happened when they were consenting adults doesn’t matter. The issue at hand is what happened when Greg was just a boy, incapable of legal consent.

Plus, what Galvin offers as an explanation “that he broke Greg’s heart which led to these vengeful lies in the suicide letter to get back at him” makes no sense when you look at the rest of the suicide letter. Greg painfully tells friends and family exactly how they hurt him. He even accuses two other people, one an ex-girlfriend, of “breaking his heart”. Why would Galvin’s breaking of his heart be treated any differently?

Letters like Greg’s are a final confession, a “dying declaration” to rationalize their thoughts to the world. People don’t usually use these letters to foster lies, they unload their skeletons.

Yet police checked it off their list and called it a day.

The police report specifies they looked at Galvin’s phone, and saw messages that led them to believe Galvin’s version. Why didn’t they record the texts from Greg if they proved a relationship? More importantly, suicide is a crime, so why wasn’t Galvin’s phone taken into evidence? How did they drop the ball?

Even still, the talk about an adult relationship is just a distraction from what happened when Greg was just a twelve-year old boy.

One never suspects the smiling wolf

Jeff dug further, and figured he could re-create the last few days of his brother’s life by requesting Greg’s cellphone records. He was startled to see numerous texts exchanged between his brother and Galvin over months. To find the truth, Jeff had to come to grips with what he was seeing.

“At first it took me a bit to comprehend, but Greg said Galvin threatened to hurt him if he ever ratted him out. It doesn’t take a psychologist to see that someone in Galvin’s shoes would have some sort of Svengali-like power over my brother. It’s common in abuse victims. It’s fucked up.”

Jeff tried to view the actual text messages from his brother’s iPhone, so he took it to a forensic expert to retrieve data that had been erased, either by Greg or someone else after the fact. Mysteriously, all the data from the day before he killed himself was irretrievable. The forensic expert explained this type of thing doesn’t happen often. Jeff could barely stomach the “coincidence” that a 116 character text message sent by Greg to Galvin the day before he took his life (and partially blamed it on the man in question)–was irretrievable.

A great deal of what Jeff found is just circumstantial, and likely wouldn’t hold up in a court of criminal law, “beyond a reasonable doubt.” But taken into account along with Greg’s confession, the picture becomes clearer to anyone using any objective standard. Once someone accepts the fact that people don’t usually lie in suicide notes, it’s hard to look the other way. But that’s exactly what happened.

Greg's Bar Mitzvah. Still a boy, but already forced into adulthood from the horrible acts of predators

Jeff recalls a conversation he once had with his brother as teenagers. “It started when Greg asked me, ‘You want to know what a creep Scott Galvin is? He told me he was trisexual. He would try anything sexual.’ I actually thought that was funny and used it for a while. But who actually says this type of thing to a kid? How did I miss this?”

Jeff isn’t the only one who missed this. Investigators overlooked all the obvious, glaring inconsistencies. Fortunately the investigation into Scott Galvin was re-opened yesterday, so hopefully more information will come to light soon.


“I hope that no one else ever had to feel this pain, but if they did, I hope they’ll have the strength to finally speak up now.”

It’s a distinct possibility as Scott Galvin –he of 27-year old baby sitter fame — always made himself a fixture around North Miami children. He taught at North Miami Middle School from 1991 (until his abrupt departure three months into the Fall 1993 semester) and later taught at Miami Country Day School from 2001-2006. Since 2006 he’s been with Junior Achievement of Greater Miami, working with teenagers and overseeing all junior education programs in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties.

Scott Galvin and your kids

If what Greg alleges is true, is this a man you trust around your children?

Even if it was 17 years ago, is Scott Galvin a man who should be representing the City of North Miami?

If you live in North Miami, Scott Galvin wants your vote on May 10th. Are you going to give it to him?

Galvin bragged to the Miami Herald, “Anyone who’s following the issues in North Miami would question the validity and the timing of this. It came out of nowhere and I’m sure it will fade back into nowhere once the elections are over.”

I can assure you that won’t be the case Mr. Galvin.

Jeff won’t let his brother down.

***editor’s note: The author is close with the Horowitz family, and Jeff Horowitz is a regular contributer to The Ryno’s Horn. This article is not for political purposes, but only to fulfill Gregory Horowitz’s last request to make sure his side of the story was told.

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Greg’s Letter, Page 1

Greg's Letter, Page 2

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