Pros and Cons of the Special Counsel

Posted by on May 18, 2017


Special Counsel today is NOT the same thing as the Independent Counsel from Clinton/Ken Starr days. Previously, ICs had much more independent leeway in their investigation, but that position was disbanded when Congress refused to re-authorize the office.

So what can Robert Mueller accomplish as Special Counsel?

From Vox:

The order specifically gives Muller the legal authority to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump” as well as any crimes that may take place during the investigation, including things like perjury, obstruction of justice, and witness intimidation.

And if Mueller finds enough evidence, he can seek an indictment against the suspect or suspects from a federal grand jury. If the grand jury chooses to indict, the case would then potentially go to a federal criminal trial.

For those seeking truth and a non-partisan accounting of the facts, this is a big win. For those seeking political victory, things are much murkier.

This is certainly not a good thing for the Trump White House, but it might not be as devastating as political opponents might hope.

Pro: As former FBI Director, Mueller’s reputation is beyond reproach. Everyone will (or should) accept his findings as non-partisan.

Pro: Can investigate Russia links, and any other criminality found.

Pro: Investigation will continue to be adequately funded and not obstructed.

Con: Investigation will be confidential, which means no daily news stories regarding the findings as with leaky Congressional investigations (which will still take place concurrently).

Con: Even if bad/shady crap is found, it might not rise to the level of provable criminality (beyond a reasonable doubt) – and thus charges would not be filed. In that case, we’d never know the details unless that info was given to Congress to supplement their investigations.

Con: Mueller can be fired at any time, and the Attorney General can overturn any of Mueller’s findings if he so chooses.

Con: Federal investigations are detailed and time-intensive. This will not be concluded any time soon. (For comparison’s sake, Kenneth Starr started his Whitewater investigation in 1994, but the Starr Report wasn’t released until 1998.)

Bonus: Any investigation into foreign ties would likely follow the money and undertake forensic accounting of President Trump’s finances – including digging into the finances of Trump Organization.

Regardless of what you think of Trump’s Presidential policies, it’s fairly undisputed that Trump is a shady businessman. Trump Organization has been gifted many loans from banks in other countries as well as from numerous unsavory governments, oligarchs and individuals. Simple journalistic investigations have already uncovered likely money laundering schemes with Trump’s many Real Estate properties. Family Trump would not survive such an investigation unscathed.

Once the investigation takes that route: insta-resignation and Pardon time.

Source: The new special counsel investigating Trump: who he is, what he can do, what comes next – Vox

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House Votes to Replace Obamacare with Horrendous Trumpcare AHCA

Posted by on May 4, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 2.23.14 PM


House of Representatives just voted to take away health insurance from millions of Americans and remove basic protections from insurances to give a $600-$800 billion tax cut to the wealthiest Americans and to let insurance companies charge sick people and women higher premiums.

The Republican Party lied and sabotaged the Affordable Care Act for years (and harmed millions of their constituents) to arrive at this moment of “Victory”. They rushed this vote through before the new AHCA could be scored because they didn’t want people to know the damage this bill would cause. They rushed it through so House Republicans can celebrate and punt it to the Senate.

Republicans claim the AHCA will lower premiums (it won’t), guarantee protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions (it won’t), not cut Medicaid (it does, big league), and lower out-of-pocket costs (laughable).

The horrible American Health Care Act will probably fail to muster enough votes in the Senate, but everyone needs to make sure that this vote (and almost a decade of sabotage) will haunt Republicans in 2018 and 2020.

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Donald Trump: Our country needs a good ‘shutdown’

Posted by on May 2, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.19.52 AM
President Trump, frustrated with his inability to run the Federal government in dictatorial fashion, called for a government shutdown.

To be clear, this is uncharted territory: the leader of the free world calling for the closing of government because he can’t unilaterally accomplish his agenda.

Our President HATES the Federal government he runs, loathes Constitutional separation of powers & checks/balances, and doesn’t think that elected officials who disagree with him should be allowed to partake in governing. Sad!

This is what happens when you let government-hating anarchists take the wheel. This can’t become the new normal.
Source: Donald Trump: Our country needs a good ‘shutdown’ –

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Don’t Fall for Trump’s “Changing Libel Laws” Distraction

Posted by on May 1, 2017

"No sir, there is no Heart in Trump."

“No sir, there is no Heart in Trump.”


As tempting as it may be, don’t get distracted by the “Trump considering changing libel laws” BS to attack the Failing/FAKE Press. It will NEVER happen.

Truth is an absolute defense against Libel, and many hack partisan “news” outlets rely on rumor/innuendo (and flat-out lies) to push their partisan agendas. Suits would be brought against all news outlets, not just the mean/failing/leftists ones disliked by Trump.

Any tougher laws would DESTROY the right wing GOP propaganda machine that put Trump in office. Goodbye Fox News, goodbye Breitbart, and goodbye Trump Twitter.

Think they’d cut off their ability to spread partisan misinformation? No chance. This is purely to rile people up and distract from other nonsense. Stop spreading the (fake) news.
Source: Trump chief of staff: ‘We’ve looked at’ changing libel laws | TheHill

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Franken, Top Dems blast FCC over “Net Neutrality” Rollback Proposal

Posted by on Apr 28, 2017


"we're good enough, we're smart enough, but gosh darnit, nobody likes us."

“We’re good enough, we’re smart enough, but gosh darnit, nobody likes us.”

Remember: “roll back Net Neutrality rules” means giving telecom companies the ability to favor or stifle whatever sites they want (either by charging/more less, or making traffic faster/slower) or provide preferential service to preferred communities over others.

As far as politics goes, this would also allow despotic Presidents, corrupt elected officials, or money-grubbing Corporations to effectively shut down sites/blogs they don’t like or that publish “mean” or “unfair” things about them, their political agenda, blatant corruption, or just to flat-out hurt their competition.

Net neutrality protects a free/fair internet and protects Freedom of Speech. Anyone who says that removing these protections helps YOU or protects Free Speech is lying their ass off.
Source: Franken, top Dems blast FCC over net neutrality proposal | TheHill

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Trump Appoints White Nationalist Icon as Chief Advisor and top White House Political Strategist

Posted by on Nov 14, 2016


Steve Bannon

President-Elect Donald Trump appointed the disgusting Steve Bannon as the White House’s Top Political Strategist and the President’s top advisor.

For those of you who don’t know, Steve Bannon is a leading White Nationalist icon and former head of Breitbart media empire – which Bannon personally describes as THE “platform for the Alt-Right.” Of course, the “alt-right” is the cute catch-all name for the loose-knit group of white nationalists, anti-semites, misogynists, xenophobic, anti-government hate-mongers – and shares its cultural DNA with groups like Neo-Nazis and the KKK.

Over the last few years, Bannon led the charge to destroy intelligent, fact-based political dialogue and instead spearheaded the movement to lie-filled, hate-filled, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic propaganda and partisan rancor disguised as news. This man’s sole purpose is to push his white nationalist, anti-government agenda through fear, anger, misinformation – and of course, blaming everyone not white or “real” American (according to whatever his definition of REAL American is that day).

Appointing this man to be White House’s Chief Political Strategist and Trump’s top advisor signals that Trump’s Presidency will be just as hate-filled, fearful, angry and fact-less as his campaign.

This is Trump’s biggest FUCK YOU to America yet.


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The Policies You Voted For To Make America Great Again

Posted by on Nov 10, 2016


ugly trump face


Donald Trump will be our next president. Let that sink in.

Out of respect for the Office, I’ll pretend the last 70 years of Trump’s life as an unstable, misogynistic, xenophobic, pussy-grabbing, race-bating, bullying, compulsive lying, demagogue who routinely enriched himself at every turn by screwing over others (laborers, contractors, investors, customers) — was all just a phony facade to trick us all into electing him so he’d have a chance to make America great again.

How does a President Trump start all the great-making?

With the rubber stamp of an all-Republican Congress, look for an unchecked President Trump to push some, if not many, of the following campaign promises:

  • Building a HYUGE beautiful wall and threatening a trade war with Mexico when they refuse to pay for it.
  • “Repeal and Replace Obamacare” which means taking insurance away from the 22 million people who got insurance since Obamacare, including the poor who benefited from Medicaid expansion, and those finally able to get healthcare without bankruptcy. Trump could always push Congress for a legislative fix to avoid the unnecessary economic disaster and intentional harm to constituents, but F that! Sorry, not sorry.
  • Reversing Obama’s Executive orders that deal with climate change, protecting the environment, gender equality, LGBT protections, minimum wage increases, civil rights protections, and protection of American-born children of undocumented immigrants (DREAMers).
  • Mass deportation of 11 million undocumented Americans (who make up 6% of the workforce) and those pesky aforementioned DREAMer kids who want us to feel bad that their families are torn apart while parents wait for documentation that ain’t ever coming.
  • “Bringing Jobs Back” by eliminating minimum wage, tearing up international trade deals, and of course, slashing taxes for corporations and the wealthy. It’s easier to think of these measures as “whatever would make Trump stop outsourcing his labor to Asia and finally pay American workers.” Oh, also starting Trade Wars through strong tariffs with China and Mexico, because damaging relationships with our largest trade partners will mean we will stop shipping jobs overseas or something. Trust him, Trump will be “the greatest jobs president that God ever created.”
  • “Law and Order” – increasing police presence in “inner cities,” which means further militarization of Police and expanding stop & frisk (and arrest) of minorities. (As a bonus, this is also Trump’s plan to fix race relations in America. Yay!)
  • Loosening gun control laws because more guns means more safety.
  • Gutting Dodd-Frank and gutting financial and banking regulations that will allow the same negligent practices that led to the most-recent recession and skyrocketed income inequality. At least Trump will get a lot wealthier, bigly.
  • Banning immigrants or refugees from a religion/region we’re scared of, even if they’re escaping war torn countries for a safe place to raise their families – because they hate us, ok?
  • Increasing surveillance of Islamic practitioners, especially at places of prayer whenever we feel they’re “up to something.”
  • Make it easier to punish the Press, because too many nasty journalists say bad things about Trump – they’re ALL lies – and he should be able to stop that, ok? There are no Federal “libel laws” to loosen (as Trump often promises), but at the very least, expect the full weight of the Presidential Bully Pulpit to be brought down on all those who question King Donald.
  • Making us stronger and/or safer overseas by: tearing up the Iran Nuclear Deal, ending international alliances if the other countries “don’t pay their fair share,” isolating America with strong tariffs, taking oil from countries we invade to pay for the invasion — and don’t forget stepping-up torture for terrorists, terrorist-loving family members and mISISpace friends.
  • Tearing up Paris Accords, shuttering the Environmental Protection Agency, cutting off funding to UN climate change efforts, reversing environmental protection laws and Climate Change reform because it’s a Chinese hoax, people.

You bubbled in next to Trump’s name, these are the policies you support.

Most Trump supporters are prepared to defend their Dear Leader from the inevitable bigotry, xenophobia, misogyny, and scandal that comes with a President The Donald – but those will likely be short term embarrassments. It’s the policies that most people didn’t realize (or care) they were supporting that will last and take years from which to recover.

Some will pretend the campaign promises were all talk, but Trump’s talk never changed after the primaries. There was no Trump pivot, he instead doubled-down on the same crap he sold to the rabid partisan primaries without watering it down for the general moderate electorate.

These are your policies now, Trump voter. Be prepared to own them and defend them for the next four years and beyond.

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A Reminder of Policies You’re Voting For Because You Hate The Other Candidate

Posted by on Nov 7, 2016




I get it, you hate Crooked Hillary Email Clinton and loathe the Orange Carnival-Barker Con-Man, Donald Trump.

You don’t love the choices, but they’re your only choices.

Rather than add to the year-long debate of who’s the bigger crook, liar, criminal or danger to our country – let’s pretend to care for a moment about the actual policies you’re actually voting for when you fill in the bubble next to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump (assuming either would get anything done with a hyper-partisan Congress):



The Immigration conversation usually centers on how to keep or kick people out, but it should also focus on helping those who want to become American but are stuck “undocumented” for a variety of reasons.

This is Trump’s signature issue, but his thinking boils down to all undocumented immigrants are “illegal” and should be removed because they’re mostly rapists and murders (“although some, I assume are good people”). To fix this problem, Trump will build a wall, make Mexico pay for it (although they 100% won’t), and create deportation forces to remove all undocumented Mexicans from our country, including American-born children of undocumented immigrants. Trump also promises to keep us safe by banning any (Muslim) refugees escaping war-torn Islamic countries because “they hate us.”

Clinton will likely continue the Obama administrations immigration actions, which surprisingly deported more people than 2.5 million people – more than any previous administration. Clinton prefers to give undocumented immigrants a chance to become tax-paying citizens rather than break families apart. Clinton also promises to let in refugees from war torn middle east countries after they pass through rigorous UN and US screening.


Presidents shouldn’t really get credit for creating jobs outside of Federal infrastructure and labor projects — but they sure do talk about it a lot.

Clinton will continue whatever Obama’s done for 8 years that led to a record 76 months of job growth. Clinton promises to push for minimum wage increases – some say this could hurt job growth in short term, but others say more money in the market will spur greater growth. Clinton also promises to help women get equal pay as men, and proposes to expand Federal funding into alternate forms of energy to create a flourishing new industry of jobs.

Trump will bring back so many jobs it will make our heads spin, but hasn’t really offered a plan to accomplish the head spinning. Trump promises to  tear up trade deals like NAFTA, although that would likely hurt jobs as American companies would lose the business of trading with other NAFTA nations. Trump promises to keep coal jobs alive, but that should be tough as America works away from coal and towards sustainable clean energy. Trump also promises to kick out all the immigrants so real Americans can get back jobs they lost, like picking fields, manual labor and housekeeping.

Outside of proposals, this is one area where we can look to Trump’s actual experience. Trump made billions through hyuge job-creating real estate projects, but hasn’t stated any real plans for public works projects he’d support as President. Trump’s businesses routinely kept costs down by shipping thousands of jobs overseas for cheap labor, hiring cheap illegals here at home, and screwing contractors out of hard earned money while daring them to sue him or take a lesser payment for their work. Not exactly a career spent looking out for the American worker, and would be foolish to expect this to change.

Income Inequality

There’s little Presidents can do to alleviate income inequality, other than raising wages and using taxpayer dollars to pay for entitlement programs to ease the financial burden for most Americans – in essence re-tilting the board to redistribute money from the 1% to the 99%.

For better or worse, Clinton promises to do all of that, including raising the minimum wage, fixing Obamacare, increasing funding to provide more opportunities to education, fighting for equal pay for women, and fighting for family leave. She hopes to pay for all of this by raising taxes ONLY on those making over $250,000. Although she talks tough about going after Big Business and Big Finance for decades of policies that redistributed wealth upwards from the poor to the rich, don’t count on much action given her coziness (aka taking donations) from those industries.

Trump thinks income inequality is perfectly American, wants to slash taxes for anyone making 6 figures, and gut corporate taxes. His “bring the jobs back” plan will get rid of the minimum wage so job-creating employers can pay bottom dollar to American job-seekers rather than foreign workers. All his ideas reward the employer over the employee and while this please investors, would undeniably exacerbate income inequality.


Right now there are more guns in America than Americans. Most Americans recognize the dangers and seek simple fixes (like the 88% who support stronger background checks) that make us safer without infringing on our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

Trump proudly boasts his A+ NRA rating, and wants more guns in the hands of as many people as possible. Trump preaches incessantly that the only way for people not to die from guns is to have guns on their person at all times.

Contrary to Trump’s claims that Hillary wants to ban the 2nd Amendment and take away all your guns, Clinton merely seeks to strengthen background checks and ban people on the terrorist watch list(s).

Race Relations

Racial tensions feel like they’re at a recent high, and the next president has to gingerly walk a line that respects all races in this country – after all, they will represent EVERYONE, not just the people who look and pray like them.

Trump is “the least racist person you’ve ever met,” but when asked about race issues he only talks about crime and murder in the inner city. Trump’s big fix to ease race relations is increased police presence and expansion of stop & frisks – even though stop & frisk in NY was found unconstitutional for blatant over-application against African-Americans and Hispanics. After all, “what do you have to lose?” Trump also thinks all Mexicans are bad hombres incapable of weighing his policies without prejudice, and will push to keep an entire religion of people out of our country because “they hate us.”

Clinton will repeatedly remind people that she’s not Trump.

Climate Change

Regardless of your personal feelings on the issue, over 97% of the world’s scientists agree that humans are contributing to undeniable changes in climate.

Trump, for his part, knows climate change is a hoax created/perpetrated by the Chinese to hurt US businesses, and will tear up any treaties like the Paris Accords that hold the US to any climate responsibilities. Keeping corporate profits high is more important to America than requiring “expensive” practices/procedures that would not harm our environment. As a plus, Trump recently promised to slash $100 billion in Federal funding to climate change policies.

Clinton will continue Obama’s push to fight and/or adapt to climate change, and honor our commitments across the globe – whether or not the measures can actually reverse or stall drastic change anything is anyone’s guess.


The current uninsured rate of 9.2% for 2015 is the lowest for America in over 50 years. More people are covered, but many Americans are still feeling the harm of increased premiums.

Trump loudly screams that he’ll “repeal and replace Obamacare” but hasn’t mentioned what the “replace” part will be yet. His plan is to kick tens of millions of people off insurance rolls, including the poor and those with preexisting conditions (like myself), because Obamacare is un-American.

After staking her political future on health care reform during her husband’s administration – and failing – Clinton will likely forgo risking new-found political capital on any big health care system changes. She’ll probably ignore calls from progressive followers (aka Team Sanders) for single-payer healthcare, but will push for tweaks and further subsidies to offset Affordable Care Act premium hikes.

Campaign Finance Reform

Most Americans agree that the wealthy too greatly influence campaigns by spending insane amounts of money. Not only does this limit the conversation only to viewpoints shared by those with money to burn, but also leads to corrupt, puppet candidates.

Although Trump pretends to not accept money (he does) and Clinton promises to push for overturning Citizens United (she won’t) – don’t think for one second that either of these candidates will do jack crap to limit their ability to fund-raise and outspend the opposition.


American infrastructure is crumbling as many new projects (like high-speed rail) have been thwarted by those who don’t think the Haves should pay for transportation projects that help the Have-Nots.

Clinton promises to push for bolstering infrastructure programs as intensive labor projects would create tons of actual jobs. She’s promised to increase Federal efforts to help areas like Flint, MI, repair their crumbling water systems.

Trump calls for investments in infrastructure projects, but no one knows how he’ll accomplish this as slashing taxes obviously leads to less spending money. On the other hand, Trump does plan to let private corporations take over road building and charge tolls to make money, because even roads should be a way for corporations to turn profit.


Civil Rights should never be under attack in this country, but alas, one candidate routinely proposes curtailing some of our most valued freedoms.

Freedom of Press

Trump promises to make it easier to sue horrible journalists who say bad things about him or stupid people who question his policies or claims. A mainstay of the Trump campaign is to demean and seek revenge against members of the mainstream media, so we’re sure to see this continue during a Trump administration.

Clinton will follow Obama’s steady course, act like an adult and respect the freedom of the press – except when it’s in email form.

Freedom of Religion

Trump supports freedom of religion, so long as its Christianity. Jews are ok, so long as they’re not the ones controlling the banks who control the world. Muslims are a definite no-go, and Trump promises to shut down some mosques and religious centers or just increase mosque surveillance because “they’re up to something.” Of course, let’s not forget Trump’s proposed religious tests for entry into the country.

Naturally, Clinton hasn’t spoken about restricting freedom of religion, because its protected in the Constitution, and all – but promises to to nominate Judges that will protect the freedom of everyone to practice their respective religions.

Police Relations/Due Process

A citizenry’s relationship with its Police is probably one of the greatest indicators of its happiness, and right now people are furious that Police seem to be killing a great deal of unarmed Americans — aka taking away right to life and liberty without due process. This certainly requires a nuanced conversation weighing civil rights against legitimate safety concerns for our officers, however, Police are agents of the state and capital punishment should only be doled out by Due Process – not on a whim by an officer on the scene acting as judge/jury/executioner.

Trump supports the Police’s right to kill and/or abuse Americans whenever they’re scared, and knows that Black Lives Matter are just unemployed, criminal thugs out to take down hard-working cops. Trump proposes to fix this by increasing Police presence in “inner cities,” lessening protections against illegal search and seizure, and allowing Police stop and arrest more minorities — all infringements upon due process to allegedly better police relations and save lives. Sure, this makes sense only to Trump, but boy does DJT love him some Law and Order.

Clinton certainly supports the police, but also recognizes the legitimate gripes of systematic miscarriages of justice and mistreatment of minorities. She promotes increased cooperation between Police and their communities, and reforming policies to ensure greater oversight.



Trump has a grand plan to defeat ISIS, but won’t tell anybody because that would tip ISIS off. He promises to say “Radical Islamic Terror” (pronounced “Terrah”) and that will probably fix almost everything. Trump knows “more about ISIS than the generals do,” and “will be so good at the military, your head will spin,” so there’s that. Trump also promises to kill family members of alleged terrorists and “bomb the shit out of them” which, I guess will make them like us more and stop wanting to kill us.

Based on her years as Secretary of State, Clinton will continue the process of American intervention in the shit-show that is the middle east. Clinton will continue to arm rebels who we’ll later fight, and support government whose practices we find repulsive in an effort to stop terror. She will also continue Obama’s horrendously unconstitutional practice of droning the hell out of terrorist leadership in other countries until fresh America-haters with new life-grudges pop up to fill the void.

Foreign Relations

Trump promises to make sure all of our allies “pay their fair share” or we’ll stop protecting them (Like a good Don does). He’s pro-Russia, praises Putin’s strength in Crimea and Syria, and marvels at how Putin and oligarchs used their power to become some of the richest people in the world. Trump sees China as the big bad (non-Islam) enemy, and blames CHIIIIINA for the hoax of global warming, devaluating currency, and killing American jobs with cheap labor (that he uses for his own companies). Trump also owes the Bank of China a lot of money – but I’m sure that’ll never affect any decision making. Expect a Trump administration to support Russia and fight China at every turn. We certainly can’t ignore Trump’s push to threaten and alienate Mexico, one of our largest trade partners.

Clinton will continue to play cat and mouse with Russia just like Obama, for better or worse. Clinton has voiced displeasure with Obama’s TPP, which aims to unite the US with Asian countries to stand against China, but will likely “forget” about those complaints once she’s in office. Other than that, Clinton will continue to foster relationships she started as Secretary of State and will uphold agreements and alliances with allies.


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Donald Trump, WTF Was That?

Posted by on Jul 22, 2016





I tried hard to hope that Donald Trump would use his convention speech to come out as a more moderate, centrist candidate representing ALL Americans. That an inkling of an idea, policy or detailed plan might slip through the hateful cracks. That a optimistic, unifying vision would be presented to voters.

Alas, it was not meant to be.

Instead, America got: “Be afraid white people. VERY afraid. Only Trump Can Save You.”

It was 75 minutes of angry and intimidating political theater (my first time hearing blatant Fascism sold in English!) Trump painted a dystopian nightmare version of America where immigrants, terrorists and cop-killers are lurking around every corner plotting to kill you – and bad trade deals and Hillary Clinton are conspiring to destroy your life.

Trump’s entire red-faced speech was a never-ending merry-go-round of yelling about something bad, telling us who to blame for it, and then promising he’s the only one to end it or fix it with an accompanying superlative. Repeat.

There was no talk about American history, our culture(s), or what differentiates us from the rest of the world. No hint of what actually makes America exceptional, no talk of lofty American ideals and no mention of coming together to achieve great things.

Only anger and fear.

Even if you give Trump the benefit of the doubt that he can/will make America great, The Donald didn’t offer one single way to achieve greatness. Sure, he promised to end crime, blow up separation of church and state, rip up trade deals, and force the world bend their knee to the alter of America – but not a hint of how to accomplish any of it, or how/why it would make America better.

To his “credit”, Trump did offer details on Immigration (build a wall, ban Muslims, end catch & release, kick out people on overstayed Visas), but otherwise not a single plan or coherent policy whatsoever. Midway through the fear-mongering Trump actually teased that he’d outline his Economic plan later in his address, but he somehow never got around to it during the longest nomination acceptance speech in recent history.

Trump did ram one message down our throats: “I am the Law and Order candidate!” At one point, Trump screamed “Law and Order” four times in a row as if he was reading aloud the afternoon lineup for the USA Network. People cheered for this man blatantly selling himself as a future Dictator, and they gave fascism a thunderous standing ovation. Gulp.

Fighting terror, keeping out/kicking out immigrants, stomping out protests, and negotiating/enforcing trade deals. That’s it. That’s how Trump makes America great again.

We’re at the point where Republicans barely even talk about the economy anymore. America’s economy is leaps and bounds better since they last occupied the White House, so Republicans can only scream about bad shit happening in other countries and threaten the same will happen here without “True Conservatives” in power.

In Trump’s America, the only thing families should worry about are terrorists, political correctness, cop-killers, and Hillary Clinton. Not low paychecks, putting food on the table, affording school or medical care, climbing out of debt, fixing crumbling infrastructure, or poisoning of city water-systems. Not a single acknowledgement of the systematic injustices facing minorities, nor even a slight concern about police shooting unarmed Americans. No mention of inequality or a changing climate. Not even a pretend care about any issues that concern the majority of America’s youth, women, gays, blacks or Latinos.

It’s as if the only Americans he ever meets are in the Fox News studio.

trump double dong RNC gif

The one area Trump excelled was blaming Hillary Clinton for every bad thing happening in every country in the world. Obviously, Trump has yet to learn what the Secretary of State actually does, but ain’t nobody got time for that when screaming “Lock Her Up!” is so much fun!

Admittedly, my favorite part of the speech came when Trump bragged about making billions by abusing a rigged system, but then spun this scumbaggery as the main reason why he’s the guy with the experience to fix the broken system that made him billions. That really happened.

Another unintentionally hilarious moment came when Trump proudly commended his Republican audience for applauding his promise to protect the LGBTQ community from Islamic terrorists. I guess previous GOP audiences were cool with terrorists killing The Gays, but thanks to Trump’s wisdom and guidance, this Cleveland audience was saved.

The scariest thing is that Trump isn’t even trying to court non-Republicans into his camp with ideas or even a positive outlook. He’s doubling down on the divisive anger and paranoia, and hoping the scared white right-wing vote will outnumber Democrats, Liberals, minorities and women. By repeating crap like: “Were going to win with Terrorism. We’re going to win fast!”  Trump is clearly hedging his entire campaign on betting that terrorists attack America before the election to prove him right. He’ll scream (and tweet) that only the omniscient Donnie-with-the-Good-Brain warned against an attack, so obviously he should be King, ok!?!

I know, I’m too hard on the guy when I say he’s a con-man running a sham campaign. After all, Trump is Our Voice! The guy who bilked the system for his fortune will fix the system so no one else can make a fortune the way he did! The guy who made billions abusing workers and screwing contractors out of pay will suddenly look out for the working man! The guy who ships his production jobs to Asia will suddenly protect American jobs and keep employers from abusing cheap labor the way he does! The thrice-married philanderer is the moral compass of the nation! The most elitist candidate to ever run for President is suddenly THE man of the people!

And don’t forget, Trump will protect the Constitution by strongly enforcing the rule of law against immigrants, Muslims, political opponents, protesters, pesky journalists, and any country that dare defy him.

This is what passes as “leadership” these days.

Authoritarianism and fear-mongering is how we become great.

Prepare for a HYUGE, terrifying few months of terror campaigning.


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Messy Breakup Ends Epic Era for Dwyane Wade and Miami Heat

Posted by on Jul 7, 2016

Wade heat lifer



13 amazing years. 12 All Star seasons. 5 Finals. 3 rings.

We watched him grow from Flash to WoW. We watched the superstar emerge while almost singlehandedly carrying the Heat to greatness in 2006 (Game 3, anyone?). He convinced his super-friends to take their talents to South Beach, and we watched four of the most thrilling NBA seasons in recent memory.

But now Dwyane Wade is leaving Miami and going home to Chicago – not to chase rings, but to chase respect.

Since being drafted with 5th pick in 2003, Wade has been the face of the Miami Heat franchise, and the club’s all-time leader in games played, minutes, points, field goals, assists, steals and 2nd all time in blocks. Wade accounts for over 9% of the TOTAL points in Miami Heat history – and 100% of its championships.

Somehow, the expression “End of an Era” seems small.

From Dwyane Wade to Heat Nation:

Dear Miami,

This has been an extremely emotional and tough decision to come to. After 13 years, I have decided to embark on a new journey with the Chicago Bulls. This was not an easy decision, but I feel I have made the right choice for myself and my family.

I started my NBA career with the Miami Heat in 2003 and it has been an honor to have played with them and help build a winning franchise with three NBA championships. I look back with pride and amazement at all we have accomplished together. I want to express my gratitude to the Arison family, Pat Riley, Coach Erik Spoelstra, the coaching staff, and the entire Miami Heat organization.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the Miami community and especially #HEATNATION for all of their love and support over the years. It has been truly incredible. I am deeply moved and appreciative of the positive messages from my fans expressing that they want what’s best for me and I know they will support my decision. The memories including championship parades and five conference titles are incredible moments we have shared that will always remain close to my heart as I begin the next chapter of my life.

Growing up in Robbins, Ill., I never dreamed that an NBA career could have even been possible and that one day I would wear a Chicago Bulls jersey. Watching the Bulls growing up inspired me at an early age to pursue my dream of becoming a basketball player. My most treasured memories were watching my dad play basketball on the courts of Fermi Elementary School and developing my game at the Blue Island Recreation Center. I have never forgotten where I came from and I am thankful to have an opportunity to play for the team that first fueled my love of the game. Many of my family members still live in Chicago and I am excited to return home to a city very close to my heart.

I look forward to returning to my roots and to what lies ahead.

Much Love and Respect,

D. Wade

Although Heat Nation is certainly still reeling from the news, we can’t begrudge the man for wanting to work for a different company after 13 years in the same office, especially after things got acrimonious.

It has to suck to be the top employee in the company’s history but never treated as such, and especially not this summer. There was no “We Want Wade” campaign, no Miami-Wade County push, no sending Heat players to NY to woo him, no attention even paid to him until after Whiteside and KD did their thing. Pat Riley didn’t even call or meet with Wade during the offseason.

Wade was the personal embodiment of “Heat Lifer” and an unselfish player who sacrificed time and again for the betterment of his team. Imagine just how disrespected he must have felt to leave the city where he built his legacy.

The Heat, for their part, pride themselves on family, loyalty and taking care of its own, but apparently those ideals have a sell-by date.

It didn’t have to be this way, but breakups always suck. Now our favorite player leaves town to return “home” and play for the Bulls, the team he grew up idolizing.

Here’s Riley’s initial statement to Dan Le Batard:

“SADDDDDDD!!!! SO saddddddd! I will never forget the sixth game in Dallas in 2006. DW rebounded the ball, and threw it to the heavens and the Heat universe was perfect for that moment. Our first world championship. Our universe is not perfect today. It will be fraught with anger, judgment, blame instead of THANK YOU!!! Ten years ago. Ten years older. Ten years wiser. Ten years changed. All of us. Dwyane had a choice, and he made it. He went home. Bad, bad summer for us. But there will be another 10 years, and it will be someone or something else in 2026. Move on with no blood or tears. Just thanks. I truly loved Dwyane, but families grow, change and get on with another life. He will always be a part of us. ALWAYS! And no more bruises and enough fighting. Let’s just fly above it if we can and never forget. I feel his pain and pride for what pushed him over the ledge. Been there. Forever, for always, your coach I will be. FOREVER!”

It’s easy to play the blame game or scream about “Loyalty!” – but it’s obvious things got too ugly between Wade, Riley and the Arisons. Basketball might be entertainment to us fans, but to players and teams, it’s work and business. Riley’s words acknowledge the Heat know they insulted their superstar, but they felt that a mid-30s guard wasn’t worth tying up max dollars for multiple years.

Riley and the Arisons made a business decision – it’s that simple. Cold and practical, but simple. Wade still feels he’s a respect-demanding star (rightly so) and left for a club that will treat him accordingly.

The Heat (albeit passive-aggressively) were ready to move on. Dwyane Wade reluctantly moved on. Heat Nation isn’t there yet.

We have plenty of time to figure out if all parties made the correct decision in ending the relationship, but there is no denying it was a helluva historic HOF-worthy run for the 13 years the marriage lasted.

Dwyane Wade, the Heat Lifer, is a class act and will be missed.

Today is a sad day for Heat Nation, but I know I’m not alone in looking forward to the day when #3 is retired proudly and respectfully in the rafters of the AAA where it belongs.

This is, and always will be, Wade County.

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