House Votes to Replace Obamacare with Horrendous Trumpcare AHCA

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House of Representatives just voted to take away health insurance from millions of Americans and remove basic protections from insurances to give a $600-$800 billion tax cut to the wealthiest Americans and to let insurance companies charge sick people and women higher premiums.

The Republican Party lied and sabotaged the Affordable Care Act for years (and harmed millions of their constituents) to arrive at this moment of “Victory”. They rushed this vote through before the new AHCA could be scored because they didn’t want people to know the damage this bill would cause. They rushed it through so House Republicans can celebrate and punt it to the Senate.

Republicans claim the AHCA will lower premiums (it won’t), guarantee protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions (it won’t), not cut Medicaid (it does, big league), and lower out-of-pocket costs (laughable).

The horrible American Health Care Act will probably fail to muster enough votes in the Senate, but everyone needs to make sure that this vote (and almost a decade of sabotage) will haunt Republicans in 2018 and 2020.