Franken, Top Dems blast FCC over “Net Neutrality” Rollback Proposal


"we're good enough, we're smart enough, but gosh darnit, nobody likes us."

“We’re good enough, we’re smart enough, but gosh darnit, nobody likes us.”

Remember: “roll back Net Neutrality rules” means giving telecom companies the ability to favor or stifle whatever sites they want (either by charging/more less, or making traffic faster/slower) or provide preferential service to preferred communities over others.

As far as politics goes, this would also allow despotic Presidents, corrupt elected officials, or money-grubbing Corporations to effectively shut down sites/blogs they don’t like or that publish “mean” or “unfair” things about them, their political agenda, blatant corruption, or just to flat-out hurt their competition.

Net neutrality protects a free/fair internet and protects Freedom of Speech. Anyone who says that removing these protections helps YOU or protects Free Speech is lying their ass off.
Source: Franken, top Dems blast FCC over net neutrality proposal | TheHill