Donald Trump, WTF Was That?





I tried hard to hope that Donald Trump would use his convention speech to come out as a more moderate, centrist candidate representing ALL Americans. That an inkling of an idea, policy or detailed plan might slip through the hateful cracks. That a optimistic, unifying vision would be presented to voters.

Alas, it was not meant to be.

Instead, America got: “Be afraid white people. VERY afraid. Only Trump Can Save You.”

It was 75 minutes of angry and intimidating political theater (my first time hearing blatant Fascism sold in English!) Trump painted a dystopian nightmare version of America where immigrants, terrorists and cop-killers are lurking around every corner plotting to kill you – and bad trade deals and Hillary Clinton are conspiring to destroy your life.

Trump’s entire red-faced speech was a never-ending merry-go-round of yelling about something bad, telling us who to blame for it, and then promising he’s the only one to end it or fix it with an accompanying superlative. Repeat.

There was no talk about American history, our culture(s), or what differentiates us from the rest of the world. No hint of what actually makes America exceptional, no talk of lofty American ideals and no mention of coming together to achieve great things.

Only anger and fear.

Even if you give Trump the benefit of the doubt that he can/will make America great, The Donald didn’t offer one single way to achieve greatness. Sure, he promised to end crime, blow up separation of church and state, rip up trade deals, and force the world bend their knee to the alter of America – but not a hint of how to accomplish any of it, or how/why it would make America better.

To his “credit”, Trump did offer details on Immigration (build a wall, ban Muslims, end catch & release, kick out people on overstayed Visas), but otherwise not a single plan or coherent policy whatsoever. Midway through the fear-mongering Trump actually teased that he’d outline his Economic plan later in his address, but he somehow never got around to it during the longest nomination acceptance speech in recent history.

Trump did ram one message down our throats: “I am the Law and Order candidate!” At one point, Trump screamed “Law and Order” four times in a row as if he was reading aloud the afternoon lineup for the USA Network. People cheered for this man blatantly selling himself as a future Dictator, and they gave fascism a thunderous standing ovation. Gulp.

Fighting terror, keeping out/kicking out immigrants, stomping out protests, and negotiating/enforcing trade deals. That’s it. That’s how Trump makes America great again.

We’re at the point where Republicans barely even talk about the economy anymore. America’s economy is leaps and bounds better since they last occupied the White House, so Republicans can only scream about bad shit happening in other countries and threaten the same will happen here without “True Conservatives” in power.

In Trump’s America, the only thing families should worry about are terrorists, political correctness, cop-killers, and Hillary Clinton. Not low paychecks, putting food on the table, affording school or medical care, climbing out of debt, fixing crumbling infrastructure, or poisoning of city water-systems. Not a single acknowledgement of the systematic injustices facing minorities, nor even a slight concern about police shooting unarmed Americans. No mention of inequality or a changing climate. Not even a pretend care about any issues that concern the majority of America’s youth, women, gays, blacks or Latinos.

It’s as if the only Americans he ever meets are in the Fox News studio.

trump double dong RNC gif

The one area Trump excelled was blaming Hillary Clinton for every bad thing happening in every country in the world. Obviously, Trump has yet to learn what the Secretary of State actually does, but ain’t nobody got time for that when screaming “Lock Her Up!” is so much fun!

Admittedly, my favorite part of the speech came when Trump bragged about making billions by abusing a rigged system, but then spun this scumbaggery as the main reason why he’s the guy with the experience to fix the broken system that made him billions. That really happened.

Another unintentionally hilarious moment came when Trump proudly commended his Republican audience for applauding his promise to protect the LGBTQ community from Islamic terrorists. I guess previous GOP audiences were cool with terrorists killing The Gays, but thanks to Trump’s wisdom and guidance, this Cleveland audience was saved.

The scariest thing is that Trump isn’t even trying to court non-Republicans into his camp with ideas or even a positive outlook. He’s doubling down on the divisive anger and paranoia, and hoping the scared white right-wing vote will outnumber Democrats, Liberals, minorities and women. By repeating crap like: “Were going to win with Terrorism. We’re going to win fast!”  Trump is clearly hedging his entire campaign on betting that terrorists attack America before the election to prove him right. He’ll scream (and tweet) that only the omniscient Donnie-with-the-Good-Brain warned against an attack, so obviously he should be King, ok!?!

I know, I’m too hard on the guy when I say he’s a con-man running a sham campaign. After all, Trump is Our Voice! The guy who bilked the system for his fortune will fix the system so no one else can make a fortune the way he did! The guy who made billions abusing workers and screwing contractors out of pay will suddenly look out for the working man! The guy who ships his production jobs to Asia will suddenly protect American jobs and keep employers from abusing cheap labor the way he does! The thrice-married philanderer is the moral compass of the nation! The most elitist candidate to ever run for President is suddenly THE man of the people!

And don’t forget, Trump will protect the Constitution by strongly enforcing the rule of law against immigrants, Muslims, political opponents, protesters, pesky journalists, and any country that dare defy him.

This is what passes as “leadership” these days.

Authoritarianism and fear-mongering is how we become great.

Prepare for a HYUGE, terrifying few months of terror campaigning.