“BATMAN: The Killing Joke” Trailer (Video)


Oh, that feeling when one of your favorite books of all time is finally made into a movie — and it looks badass as fuck.

DC/WB finally turned The Killing Joke into a full length movie, and judging by the R Rating, the cartoon will not pull any punches. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are reprising their classic roles as Batman and Joker respectively.

Alan Moore & Brian Bolland’s dark-as-hell book gives insight into Joker’s origins and his psyche as he tests his theory that “All it takes is One Bad Day” to turn good men bad. Oh, and a brutal crippling attempted-murder and torture to boot.

Generally accepted as the BEST Batman story, The Killing Joke changed the Batman canon for good. Here’s to hoping the delightful madness of The Killing Joke carries on screen.