Trump and Clinton feel Super! (Thanks for Asking)


12 states held primary votes on Tuesday, and things worked out quite Super for Donald Trump and Sec. Hillary Clinton – who both won 7 states apiece.

On the Democratic side, Clinton swept the south, easily winning Georgia (71%), Virginia (64%), Alabama (77%), Tennessee (66%), Texas (65%), and Arkansas (66%) – and won by a slim margin in Massachusetts (50%).

Sen. Bernie Sanders was certainly deflated by the loss in super-liberal Mass, but is still Berning away thanks to strong wins in home-state Vermont (86%), Oklahoma (51%), Minnesota (61%) and Colorado (58%).

Easily the most striking statistic of the night was that in the 6 southern states she won, Clinton was supported by over 80% of the African-Americans.

On the GOP side, Trump convinced Georgia (38%), Vermont (32%), Virginia (34%), Alabama (43%), Massachusetts (49%), Arkansas (32%) and Tennessee (38%) that he’s the right salesman to sell their angry platform.

Sarah Palin’s endorsement did jack-crap in Alaska, as Trump lost to Sen. Ted Cruz (36%). Unsurprisingly, Cruz also won his home state of Texas (43%), but that was all for the most disgusting politician in America guy who claims he’s the only “True Conservative” to beat the billionaire blowhard.

Sen. Marco Rubio took Minnesota (36%), scoring his first win yet this primary season. According to exit polls, many of the Florida Senator’s voters recently made up their mind, meaning Rubio’s new Trump-mocking routine might actually be working.

Gov. John Kasich and Dr. Ben Carson are still hanging around and making a difference. Kasich’s supporters in Vermont (30%) and Virginia (9%), could have taken victories from Trump, while Carson’s in Alaska (11%) could have possibly given Trump another win to make your head spin.

The biggest takeaway from the night is the HYUGE Republican voter turnout compared to lame Democrat turnout. Republican Super Tuesday turnout was up 70%, but down 28% for Democrats compared to 2008.

Virginia posted its highest Republican primary turnout in state history – and those folks supported the Donald in a big way. Trump is bringing in a ton of new voters, and that has to be scaring the shit out of Democrats and sane Americans.

Trump’s rise is especially frightening considering that in six of the Super Tuesday states, large majorities of GOP voters said they supported a ban on non-citizen Muslims from entering the US, as well as 2 of 3 in Texas, Virginia and Georgia, 7 of 10 in Tennessee, and nearly 8 of 10 in Alabama.

As Yoda wisely warned: Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to Republicans.

What’s next? The next two weeks see a dozen Democratic and seventeen GOP primaries/caucuses in states and territories, and contrary to popular opinion, things are far from over.

For Democrats, Sanders will likely stay in until the convention, and continues to rack up money and challenge Clinton. Although Clinton has the overwhelming edge in un-pledged superdelegates (457-22), a good showing over the next couple weeks could significantly close the pledged delegate gap (577-386) and keep things interesting. To have any chance though, Sanders needs to convince African-Americans to #FellTheBern.

For Republicans, it all comes down to who will drop out and when. Kasich and Carson will almost assuredly call it quits soon, although Carson loves his fund-raising scams. When they do drop, one would think Carson’s “evangelicals” would go to Cruz, while his “we want an outsider” supporters will turn to Trump. Kasich is courting the “responsible official” vote, and those supporters would likely go to Rubio – hilariously America thinks the Senate no-show is the most responsible guy left on stage.

But WTF are Rubio and/or Cruz going to do? Neither has enough support on their own, but their Conservatives & Party-first supporters NEED to band together ASAP if they want any hope of beating the fake Conservative billionaire. Unfortunately, both Cruz and Rubio have been running for President for over 4 years, always putting their own Presidential ambitions above their Senatorial duties – and neither will step away when they are so “close.”

It’s becoming more likely that Trump, Rubio AND Cruz will all march into the GOP Convention begging the Party to use their undemocratic power to pick their own candidate over the voices of the voters. Can the GOP afford to lose the new Trump support and put Rubio or Cruz on the ticket instead? Unlikely, but who the F knows?

Many Americans (and news networks) are excited for how entertaining this campaign is, which sucks because government should NOT be an entertaining reality show.

That might be why Google reported that searches for “moving to Canada” were up as much as 1120% on Tuesday.

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