Voter ID Laws and Voter Suppression



John Oliver gave a great breakdown on ridiculous Voter ID laws enacted by Republicans to suppress millions of votes around the country.

After the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act, 15 Republican-led states instituted new voting laws pretending to fight “voter fraud” (a statistically non-existent crime) but in reality will suppress votes of democrat-leaning voters.

It’s not just as simple as requiring an ID like Republicans pretend, but rather systematically making it harder for people to get IDs, not allowing certain photo IDs used mostly by Democrats (student IDs, Union cards, etc), closing polling places and limiting hours for voting in Democratic polling areas…the list goes on and on.

Its not conspiracy that Republicans are using these laws to cheat to try to win elections, they admit it all the time (watch here or video above).

Don’t forget, the 2016 Election will be the first Presidential election with the new voting laws, so expect to see HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS Americans unable to vote in many states.

If you can’t beat em, cheat em.

Voting Restriction map

voter suppression map

Watch: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Voting (Youtube)

Watch: Republicans admitting Voter ID laws are for winning elections (Youtube)