Marco Rubio Malfunction (Video)



Sen. Marco Rubio straight up malfunctioned at the GOP Presidential Debate in New Hampshire, and it was hilarious. Rubio often repeats his canned-anger and Obama-hate lines ad nauseum, but here he got caught repeating one of his memorized bits over and over and over again.

  • 8:30 pm: “And let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing.”
  • 8:32 pm: “Let’s dispel with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing.”
  • 8:34 pm: “This notion that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing is just not true. He knows exactly what he’s doing.”
  • 9:21 pm: “I think anyone who believes that Barack Obama isn’t doing what he’s doing on purpose doesn’t understand what we’re dealing with here. Okay?” (from Vox)

Even Gov. Chris Christie called out the overly rehearsed but substance/experience-lacking Robot Rubio glitch:

“You see everybody, I want the people at home to see this. That is what Washington DC does, the drive- by attack at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information and then the memorized 25-second speech that is exactly what his advisers gave him.”

How did Rubio respond? By repeating the same exact same shit verbatim…again. The crowd got in on it too, booing the glitchy robot even while he bashed Obama. Such a meltdown, and will likely be one of the most memorable moments of the primary season.

This is why Presidential Debates are so entertaining…and essential. You get to see how these candidates actually speak and act rather than listen to what paid-for talking heads say about them.

In this case, the scripted-savior Rubio came off looking like a neophyte rookie, while Christie dominated the stage.

Watch the painful but hilarious video for yourself to see the meltdown.

Watch: Chris Christie DESTROYS Marco Rubio at New Hampshire Debate ‘Memorized Speeches’ – Youtube 

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