The Ryno’s Horn: Dancing Madness Day 1 Leaderboard


asu agony

Arizona St as they watch that horrible Craig Sager Kindle commercial. 


The NCAA Tourney got kicked off in a big way. Day 1 started with #11Dayton’s upset over #6OhioSt, (sorry Evans) and ended with 4 upsets & 4 Overtime games – two of them #12 over #5 shockers. 

As for what really matters….who’s winning The Ryno’s Horn Dancing Madness tournament?

After Day 1, C. Hoglin sits alone in 1st place, his near-perfect day (15/16 correct) marred only by an inability to foresee the Buckeyes crap the bed.  

5 guys are hot on Hoglin’s tail (he has great hair) pulling 14/16 correct guesses out their butts: Flam, Dr Davin, Goldy, Marcel and the Ryno himself.

Some bracket owners ended Day 1 minus an Elite Eight team (culprits: ASU/OhioSt/Oklahoma/Cincinnati). Trav lost two Elite Eight teams (Oklahoma/ASU), but he’s still better off than two owners already down a Final Four team: Nadler (Oklahoma) and Xander V (Cincinnati).

Hoglin shouldn’t get too comfortable atop that leaderboard as Day 2 is a whole ‘nother day to crap the bed or climb out of the cellar.

Good luck to all (but mostly to me).

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