King Obama abuses Executive Orders, but only if “abuses” means issues less than every other President


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Sic Semper Obamas


There’s a common theme in some circles that President Obama is destroying the Constitution with an unprecedented abuse of Executive Orders to circumvent Congress. Most of these blowhards even demand that the “persistent pattern of lawlessness, willingness to disregard the written law and instead enforce his own policies via executive fiat” is blatant grounds for impeachment

Civics lesson: the President is authorized (by the Constitution and Congress) to issue Executive Orders to EXECUTE the laws. Common Sense lesson: if Republicans truly believed their rhetoric, they’d challenge in Court or initiate impeachment proceedings.

To drive this point home, do you want to guess where Obama ranks compared to other modern presidents in total Executive Orders issued?

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King Obama ranks second to last in total orders issued, but that’s only because George HW Bush served 1 term. Gerald Ford issued more than Obama and he was President for barely over 2 years. History’s whooping-boy Carter doubled Obama in 4 years. JFK had 214 in his short term. George W Bush had Obama beat by 26 at the end of their first terms.

Was Saint Reagan (381) more than twice the tyrant Obama is? The Gipper’s “abuse” pales in comparison to the despots of old: Eisenhower (484), Truman (907) and the Roosevelt cousins, Teddy (1,081) and Franklin (3,522).

When averaged out annually, Obama has issued the fewest Executive Orders per year than any President in the last 117 years. Not the most. The fewest.

But TYRANNY! is cause celebre now that Obama used the State of the Union to call-out the historically inept Congress, and promised to take Executive Action when they inevitably fail to act. Sure, the facts don’t support the phony outrage, but the America-Protectors will press on. So long as there are bills to not write, national issues to ignore, agency-heads and judges to not vote on, districts to gerrymander, voters to disenfranchise, campaign finance laws to ignore, and a Federal government left to dismantle– they will stand strong in their love for the visions of the Founding Fathers. So long as ObamacareIRS, and Benghazi are still words, they will stand firm. Because Constitution, that’s why.

In the mean time, at least now you know that anyone screaming about Obama’s criminal abuse of Executive Orders is either a) lying, b) stupid or c) both (aka running for office).

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  1. Total orders issued is such a useless data point. Try digging into the details sometime. For example just take out executive orders which amend/change an order already issued and George W. actually issued less per year. Data is great if you know how to use it.

    • Oh, so you mean “skew the statistics and cherry pick whatever helps prove my point instead of yours.”

      Plus, if you’re going to cite skewed stats, at least provide the numbers instead of biased generalizations.