The Republican plan to fight Income Inequality is a real head-scratcher


boehner state of the union

Speaker Boehner displaying his well-documented “Tan-envy”. 


Although he barely mentioned it by name, President Obama devoted a sizable portion of the State of the Union to what America can do to fight the very real problem of systematic income inequality (raising minimum wage, restoring unemployment insurance, spending on education and training programs, etc.). Naturally, Republicans claim every Presidential suggestion is blatantly wrong.

It’s certainly a huge deal that Republicans are even pretending income inequality is a “problem”, but seeing as though the GOP can’t risk alienating 99% of America, they’re forced to feign concern and make empty calls-to-action. Unfortunately for those who actually care, the GOP’s grand ole plan is more of the same old joB.S.: get rid of the harmful Obama policies that hurt job creators and destroy opportunity.

Common sense (and numbahs) show how those harmful Obama/Democrat policies are extremely favorable to the rich and have exacerted income inequality further. Corporate profits and CEO pay are at record highs. The DOW has doubled under Obama. 95% of the gains made since the recovery have gone to the top 1%. The rich are hoarding more cash in savings (aka “not spending”) than ever before in history. Life is better-than-ever for business, but income inequality is at an all-time high. With over half of our Congress members checking in as millionaires for the first time in history, we shouldn’t expect much to change.

Still, it’s absolutely mind-boggling to hear Republicans hate on policies that fostered the most successful business climate of all time, and even downright frustrating once you realize the GOPportunity! plan will redistribute more money into the offshore accounts of the top 1%. In a nutshell: hey America, we know it’s been 40 years of job-creating trickle-down policies and nothing has ever trickled down, but how bouts we give it another decade or so?

This is some of the crap they say with a straight face: 

  • Cut more taxes and lessen regulations to increase profits for shareholders and business-owners, because job creators.
  • Refuse to raise, or just abolish the minimum wage altogether- a “living wage” is a socialist myth and guaranteeing someone a bare minimum takes away incentive.
  • Repeal Obamacare, take away healthcare from the poor and those with preexisting conditions – medical bankruptcy as a rule always helps everyone and cheap healthcare makes people dependent on government.
  • Vote against any creation of Federal jobs. Tax payers should never pay anyone’s salary, even if those jobs are part of Public Works projects to fix our crumbling infrastructure – unless it’s the KeystoneXL Pipeline to awesomeness.
  • Gut foodstamps and end Federal unemployment insurance – less food to eat and less money to “spend” will put an end to poor-people laziness which is the true cause of income inequality.
  • Cut Federal spending on education – ignore all the evidence that says education is the best way to increase upward mobility of children.
  • Refuse to pass immigration bills, because immigrants earning real wages and paying taxes will only hurt us in the long run – they’re just not real Americans.

Democrats and Republicans will never agree on economic policy, but this isn’t a general philosophical conundrum. Growing income inequality is the specific problem that 1% of our country holds 35% of the wealth, while the bottom half of our country (over 150 million people) shares only 1% of the wealth. The only way to combat the issue is to get more money into more people’s hands. Before you scream “socialism!”, try to remember that fighting inequality doesn’t mean making everyone equal – it just means fair compensation and a living wage. Anyone who works anywhere near 40 hours a week should not live in poverty.

Most importantly, Republicans need to stop pretending being poor is a choice, and definitely need to stop telling Americans that taking away their benefits and paying them lower salaries is better for their long-term well being. It’s really our bad for assuming which side Republicans were rooting for when they jumped into the fight against income inequality.

An honest conversation on the topic would be nice, at least whatever honesty we can expect from this Millionaire Congress. 

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