State of the Union recap and fact checking



President Obama delivered his 5th State of the Union address, (or as it’s known by Republicans: the Policies to Vehemently Disagree with this Year speech). The 1.5 hour-long speech was yet another eloquent, presidential gem delivered by one of the country’s best orators OR a lie-filled, socialism-promoting, job killing, mish-mash of empty rhetoric – depending on what your political party says it was.

While President Obama didn’t lay out any grand vision in the speech, he repeatedly called out the historically inactive Congress to actually do something to help on a number of important national issues (income inequality, minimum wage, unemployment insurance, climate change, immigration, etc), and promised to take Executive action (when possible) once if they fail to act. The usual suspects will certainly scream “TYRANT!”, but the 87% of Americans who disapprove of Congress should be ok with it.

President Obama made two strong declarations in particular that caught my ear, “climate change is a fact” and his promise to veto any new Iran sanctions that would ultimately keep them from the diplomacy table. The only time Obama really veered from Professor/Preacher mode came when he joked about the 47 Obamacare repeal votes, playfully pleaded that “we don’t need another 40,” and then mockingly invited Republicans to actually put forth an alternative .

Fun little fact from last year’s State of the Union: only 2 of the President’s 41 “asks” on Congress were actually fulfilled: raising the debt ceiling and re-authorization of the war against women act. With 2014 an election year, just expect more of the same Congressional inaction. Sure, Obama threw out populist no-brainers that appeal to the masses, but Republicans will be forced to oppose anway.

Compromise is not in the books for this Congress. Pandering to extremists to keep your seat is waaaaay more important than improving the lives of Americans – and that is the truest reflection of the state of our Union.

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