John Boehner FINALLY Admits Republicans are to ‘Blame’ for the Shutdown (Video)



John Boehner was in a candid mood while visiting the Tonight Show, so candid that he freely discussed how Republicans engineered the failure known as the Federal government Shutdown. Of course the Speaker of the House states the obvious and blames the extremist wing of his Party and their unreasonable demands to kill Obamacare by killing the government — but hey, what else is an orange dude totally in-charge of the entire situation supposed to do?

Boehner seems to expect sympathy for being forced to lead his people – and the US – off the cliff. He certainly doesn’t say why he ignored his better judgment, nor why he refused to put the Country’s interest ahead of his Party’s obviously destructive demands – an error that cost our country a $25 billion and even more in public confidence. Either way, his message is clear: his Party has a crazy but powerful wing, and he HAD to harm our country to appease them, because elections. This is your Congress at work.

Obviously, this not-mea culpa should definitively shut down the who shutdown the government conversation, but there are still too many idiots out there who continue to spit in the face of common sense and call it a sun-shower. The intentional ignorance and denial is so bad that Ted Cruz (you remember him as the guy who got famous for loudly leading the push to shutdown the government) got laughed at by CBS veteran anchor Bob Schaffer because he still pretends President Obama and Democrats are responsible for the crisis he blatantly helped engineer.

At least after watching Boehner’s candid admission you know anyone who says otherwise is just lying or dumb.

Watch: John Boehner FINALLY Admits that Republicans are to ‘Blame’ for Gov’t Shutdown – YouTube.