David Samson Brags About Screwing Taxpayers in Survivor Bio



Miami Marlins President David Samson is a world class douche and for some reason CBS thought his douchebaggery was perfect for Survivor: Cagayan. Hopefully for David this go around will last longer than his TV debut, Showtime’s The Franchise, which was cancelled early because the MLB team he assembled was a boring shitshow.

Samson’s series bio is quite revealing, in that he wants everyone to know just how big of a dick he is. When asked about his claim to fame, Samson brags: “Got local government in Miami to contribute over 350 million dollars to a new baseball park during the recession.” This is a guy who won the World Series in 2003, but he wants the world to remember him for fleecing the city of Miami. 

Pretty standard for a guy who think’s his best chance of winning the show is by “leading without being a leader”. Aren’t you just proud of your Marlins’ management?

Watch Samson’s cast video above if you like soft-spoken, middle age liars in nip-showing tank tops — it’s a specific niche, I know.

Read: David Samson Brags About Screwing Taxpayers in Survivor Bio.

h/t: Miami New Times