Colorado averages more than one new oil spill a day


colorado oil leaks



Most Americans assume oil spills are rare – maybe once or twice a year when the news cameras come out with pics of oil-covered ducks and clean-up crews. Obviously it happens a lot more than that, but most wouldn’t guess that oil spills happen more than once a day just in Colorado alone.

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission reported 495 oil spills in 2013, 22% of which contaminated groundwater and surface water. With over 51,000 oil & gas drilling sites in Colorado, this is kind of a big deal. The devastating floods of 2013 proved a lot more protections are needed to ensure this crap doesn’t seep into our water and destroy the local ecology.

I’m certainly not advocating the end oil & gas drilling, just pleading for people to stop pretending it all shouldn’t be carefully regulated. Regulating this dangerous industry isn’t a “job-killing government takeover of private industry” – it’s integral to ensure we all lead a healthy life and don’t die from contaminants spilled by companies trying to pad their bottom line by cutting corners and taking the easy way out. What’s more important, pennies for stock-holders or, ya know, life?

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