85 Richest People Own Same Wealth As Half the Planet



There are 85 people out there who have as much wealth as half the population of the planet. While its certainly no surprise that there are rich people and dirt-poor people in this world, it’s shocking to imagine that 85 people are sitting on enough wealth to help half the planet survive. A lot of that money is obviously just chillin’ in their driveway, runway, dock, or savings accounts while kids starve and people drink crap-infested water.

Life isn’t fair, and shouldn’t have to be, but this is just egregious. Yes, many of these billionaires actually do actually help the world, but just keep the above stat in mind the next time “job creators” like the Kochs and Waltons claim they can’t do something (like raise wages or pay taxes) because it would hurt profits and they’d have to cut jobs. Shut the entire hell up.

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