Now Scientists says Fukushima radiation poses no risk to West Coast



Looks like Japan ate Taco Bell 


I recently posted about the scary radiation leaking into the Pacific from the tsunami-destroyed Fukushima power plant, so it’s only right that I make sure to show you what scientists hired to investigate the problem have to report. Apparently these people with their degrees and equipment stronger than my uneducated-hunches claim that tons of radiation leaking into the ocean are of no significant danger to Earthlings outside of Japan.

While it seems obvious to my feeble, not-a-scientist brain that radioactive water and radioactive fish are a no-go, scientists claim the radioactive particles spell trouble for the water surrounding Japan, (Godzilla?) but they’ll harmlessly dilute in the larger ocean. So rest easy, California. Sharks and whales crap in the water, but you still swim at the beach, right? This is the same, except, you know, cancer.

Either way, Japanese fish get eaten by fish that don’t stay in Japan, and they eventually climb up the food chain until they hit our dinner plate. Enjoy your tuna while you can.

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