Why would anyone knock Jameis Winston’s Awesome Post BCS Title Game Interview? (Video)



My Gator-love usually precludes me from saying anything nice about an FSU Seminole*, but I can’t believe the way Jameis Winston is getting ripped for his excited post BCS title game interview. The kid just followed up a legendary Heisman freshman season by delivering one of the most memorable victories in BCS history (on his birthday, no less), yet people are cracking on him for how he speaks?

I just done get it. Racists love Twitter. I watched this live, and I LOVED listening to the adrenaline-fueled, recently-crowned champion (man I hate saying that) QB chat with Tom Rinaldi. Winston was part excited birthday-boy, part emotional leader, part preacher – and all with a hilariously charming Ali-esque cadence.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but leave Jameis alone. He’s fucking awesome and I’m so jealous he’s not on my team ok in my book and I’m fine with listening to his awesome post-game interviews (so long as they come on Sundays) for the next decade or so.

*(this positive Seminole post will likely self destruct in minutes)


Watch: Jameis Winstons Post BCS Title Game Interview With Tom Rinaldi – YouTube.