Suppressing the Vote – The Daily Show (Video)



I absolutely love watching idiotic ideologues try to defend their ridiculous positions, and last night’s Daily Show segment with Aasif Mandvi on Voter ID laws did not disappoint on that front.

North Carolina GOP Executive Don Yelton tried to push the idea that Voter ID laws will stop (non-existent) voter fraud, but instead proved that the Voter ID laws pushed by Republicans in every state they run are based solely on racism and suppressing Democrats. Things got so bad, Mandvi felt the need to confirm with Yelton, “you know we can hear you, right?”

Needless to say, Yelton – who loves dropping n-bombs but isn’t racist because “one of [his] best friend is……(dramatic pause)….black!” – probably won’t be allowed around a camera again for a while. But then again, Amurika.

UPDATE: Yelton has been forced to resign his post as Chairman of Buncombe County Republican Party, still firmly stands behind his racist idiocy.

Watch: Suppressing the Vote – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – 10/23/13 – Video Clip | Comedy Central.

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