McDonald’s tells workers to get food stamps (Video)



McDonald’s cares about it’s employees. Mickey D’s is so caring they set up an 1-800 McResource’s Help-line to assist employees with their limited personal finances. One of McRespurces’ pearls of wisdom: go sign up for welfare assistance.

Yup, McDonald’s refuses to pay it’s loyal employees enough to survive, so they want/need taxpayers to pick up the slack. They’re not even hiding they’re shadiness – after all, #JobCreator.

Regardless of education level, there’s absolutely no reason – other than PROFITS – for any human being to work full time and not be paid a living wage. Further, it’s complete bullshit that taxpayers (including those very same employees) should subsidize these corporations who are screwing them to increase their profits.

I’d say raise the prices from $.99, but we all know where the increased profits would go.

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