Some Valid Concerns About Obamacare, Without Thinking It Will Bring Hell On Earth


Barack Obama

“I should have listened to Joe and included free ice cream…”


The Affordable Care Act has great intentions, but it’s definitely not a great law. Sure it covers 30 million more Americans, bans insurance companies from denying people for preexisting conditions, lets kids stay on parents insurance until 26, lowers costs of healthcare in a Groupon-like manner– but it’ still crap. The ACA is far from universal, raises costs for some younger/healthier people, still penalizes people who want to opt out, and doesn’t go far enough to attack the root of our health care problem: health care costs.

Wait, did you catch that? I was able to mention problems with Obamacare without pretending the Constitution will catch on fire and lazy, mooching Muslims will take over the country. Most Americans screaming about ACA have no idea what’s the law actually does (or doesn’t do) but are so blinded by irrational Obama-hate that they could care less about reality.

For those of you who actually have other questions besides “Will Obamacare kill us all?” or “When will Obamacare REALLY kill us all?”, here are some valid questions and concerns some of us have with the Affordable Care Act:

  • What happens if not enough people enroll?
  • How will people respond to paying higher premiums?
  • What happens if the newly insured don’t understand what they’re buying?
  • What about the states that didn’t expand Medicaid?
  • Will health care coverage be sufficient for everyone?
  • What happens if Obamacare succeeds in some states but fails in others?
  • How will companies handle the employer mandate when it takes effect?
  • Are there substantial technical flaws?
  • How secure are the exchanges?

It’s ok to ask these questions, and if one Party didn’t waste the last 3 years screaming “Nazi Freedom killer!” maybe these issues would have been adequately addressed a long time ago. Hopefully these Politicians will put the needs of the country over their hatred and make sure that the law is implemented to the best of its ability…but HAHAHAHAHAHA.

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