House Republicans Literally Changed House Rules To Help Keep Government Shutdown Until They’re Ready



Republicans like to blame everyone else for the government shutdown and debt-ceiling fight, but it’s just downright lying to deny they haven’t been planning this all along. They could have addressed all of their oh so important issues at any point over the last year, but they refused to do so until they had the government, economy and debt ceiling as leverage. It was strategy plain and simple. Just own up to it.

Further proof to use against the deniers leaked last week (watch video), as it was uncovered that House Republicans literally changed the House rules so that no one could raise a budget vote except for the House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor. Previously any Representative could raise a vote on the budget – be they evil, socialist Democrat or Republican but the House Rules Committee (“fairly balanced” with 9 Republicans and 4 Democrats) changed a rule the day before the shutdown to give the sole power to raise a vote – or keep the government shutdown – to Eric Cantor.

Regardless of what the rest of the elected Representatives decide and agree upon, nothing can come to a vote unless Eric Cantor says so. The Speaker of the House can’t do it. None of the other 430+ elected representatives are allowed to do their job. Over 300 million Americans and only one district in Virginia has a Representative (who happens to lead one Party) able to raise the vote to get our government up and running again. After all, all those non-Republicans voted in by the MAJORITY of Americans shouldn’t have a say in the governing process.

Hey, if the rules keep you from winning, change the rules.

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