A Re-envisioned Electoral College Map with 50 States of Equal Representation


electoral map redesigned

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Check out this redesigned Electoral College map that seeks to equalize what are now 50 disproportional states pretending to have equality in the election process.

The electoral college was a great idea back in the day to make sure smaller states were still represented in the Union, but the disparity is now out of hand. Besides the fairness aspect, Representatives from smaller districts are dismantling the government as the rest of the country has to stand by and watch. As it stands now, the smallest state has 3 electoral votes while the largest has 55; 18x the votes sounds like a lot until you realize that said largest state has 66x more people than the smallest state.

To remedy this issue, this redesigned map divides the country into 50 equal electoral “States” of just over 6 million people in each. The advantages:

  • Preserves the historic structure and function of the Electoral College.
  • Ends the over-representation of small states and under-representation of large states in presidential voting and in the US Senate by eliminating small and large states.
  • Political boundaries more closely follow economic patterns, since many states are more centered on one or two metro areas.
  • Ends varying representation in the House. Currently, the population of House districts ranges from 528,000 to 924,000. After this reform, every House seat would represent districts of the same size. (Since the current size of the House isn’t divisible by 50, the numbers of seats should be increased to 450 or 500.)
  • States could be redistricted after each census – just like House seats are distributed now.

Great idea, but would never fly because all of the states with relatively few people love wielding their unbalanced power. Everyone wants to bitch, but no one wants to make the changes necessary to ensure our government actually represents the People rather than the rich oligarchs who pay the campaign bills and gerrymander districts to keep their preferred puppets in power.

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