GOP Congressman Berates Park Ranger at WWII Memorial for Shutdown: You Ought to Be ‘Ashamed’ (Video)



How dare that Park Ranger refuse to pass a Federal budget and shutdown our government!!! At least that’s what Randy Neugebauer, a Republican Congressman from Texas, must think because this prick laid into a Park Ranger at the WWII Memorial just for standing guard outside the closed memorial and tried to make her apologize for the shutdown.

Neugebauer wanted to be an asshole score political points on camera and looked for an ideal target to blame, but it’s a shame he forgot he was infinitely more responsible for the shutdown than the employee standing outside the memorial. There’s nothing like an elected Representative of THE PEOPLE berating a lowly employee for management’s decisions. The Neuge is probably the kind of guy that berates Dunkin’ Donuts staff for the price of coffee. Be proud of your Representative, West Texas!!!

We’re never going back off this shitty-government cliff so long as these douches continue to blame everyone else but themselves for the pain they directly cause with their poor politics.

Watch: GOP Rep Confronts Park Service Ranger at WWII Memorial You Ought to Be ‘Ashamed’ – YouTube.