They finally did it. They killed Government.

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They did it. They killed government.

Unable to convince Senate Democrats that Obamacare is the destruction of America, House Republicans decided to shut down the government rather than pass a budget that funds the Affordable Care Act. Government buildings/agencies will be closed, government benefits will be halted, and over 800,000 Federal employees won’t get paid because one Party doesn’t want Americans to have access to the “crack cocaine” of Affordable Health Care. Those patriotic Republicans just absolutely have to save the country from inevitable doom by forcing straight into doom now.

Oh, in case you’re wondering…Congressmen still get paid during a showdown.

Republicans are trying to blame everyone else for the shutdown, but that’s kinda like kidnappers blaming parents of the missing kid because they couldn’t pay the ransom. This entire mess was created and pushed by the Republican Party to show their extremist base that they’ll stand up to the Big Government Monster that is Barack Obama. House Republicans spent the last year refusing to negotiate over the budget, intentionally waiting until the last minute to maximize the potential damage and help them extort the President and our Country.

Republicans and the Tea Party “wacko birds” are the ones blackmailing the President, refusing to pass a budget unless Obama kills the law they’ve been unable to kill through the normal constitutional legislative process. There is no other way to see this, no one else to blame.

Though Speaker John Boehner, Ted Cruz and the other Tea Partiers are working damn hard to paint the President and Senate Democrats as stubborn and unreasonable, that just ain’t the case. There’s nothing to negotiate – Republicans aren’t offering Democrats anything in exchange for their demands. “Kill this law or else we shut down the government and crash our economy” isn’t a compromise. That’s blackmail. Keeping the government functioning isn’t a prize for the Democrats and to even suggest it is proves that functioning government is not important at all to Republicans.

There’s no need to even get into the “will of the people” and “America hates Obamacare” argument, because there is no conversation left to have about Obamacare other than ensuring that Americans get to reap the benefits. The Affordable Care Act was passed by both Houses of Congress four years ago, signed by the President, affirmed by the Supreme Court and again by America in the 2012 election. After 40+ repeal votes that failed in the Senate, there is no reason to discuss whether or not it should be law. It is law. There is certainly no justification for shutting down the government to kill a democratically passed law. The House of Representatives isn’t the only branch of government that matters.

And when you hear the media equivocating and blaming “both sides” or say claiming this is politics as usual, ask yourself this: have those crazy tyrannical Democrats EVER held the budget, debt-ceiling or any legislation hostage to push popular Democrat issues like gun control, voting rights or climate protection laws? You already know the answer.

So here we are, stuck in a standoff between blackmailers who hate the democratic process and our stubborn despot of a President who selfishly won’t pass the Republican platform in exchange for keeping government open. How dare he?

Assuming the President doesn’t give in and agree to pass Mitt Romney’s platform, what happens next? The House will keep sending bills to the Senate that include Obamacare delays, and the Senate will return budgets that fund all the democratically passed laws. The shutdown will go on (and cost us over $300 million per day) until the House Republicans decide governing is more important than pushing their unpopular agenda (fat chance) or until both agree on a temporary stopgap measure that will fund government for a couple weeks while they continue to blackmail and be blackmailed without screwing with American incomes.

Unfortunately, even when Republicans finally cave, we’ll face this brinkmanship again over the debt ceiling in a couple weeks. Sigh.

The most disgustingly undemocratic part of this crap is that around 50 Republicans would probably vote for a “clean” budget that keeps Obamacare as is (because CONSTITUTION) but Speaker John Boehner just won’t let the House vote on it.  200 Democrats plus at least 50 Republicans would be a majority, and you know, Democracy – but that just doesn’t work for our government that apparently only exists to serve the Republican minority that lost the Senate by 10 million votes, lost the Presidency by 5 million votes and lost the House by over 1.4 million votes (but won more seats thanks to gerrymandered districts).

Why Americans elect people who hate and want to destroy government is beyond me. You don’t choose the hospital where the Doctors hate practicing medicine, do you? Do you take your car to a garage where the repairmen hate cars and shut down the shop over squabbles of company policy? When you have a leak do you call the plumber who’d rather break the sink and explain how you’re better off getting water from a well because it will make you less lazy? The answer is always no. Yet people elect these anti-government idiots, and refuse to punish them for intentionally burning the House down.

Bill Maher said it best: You don’t like the way the stewardess landed the plane after werewolves ate the flight crew?  Stop electing werewolves.

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