House Republicans Lay Out Their Hilarious Hostage Demands



Just when you thought Congress couldn’t get worse, Republicans went and set the House on fire. With a government shutdown (Oct. 1) and debt ceiling (Oct. 17) looming, House Republicans decided the time was right to take the country hostage and laid out their laundry-list of demands. Basically, unless President Obama becomes a Republican, they won’t fund the government. Government will shut down, we’ll be unable to pay our bills, our credit will be shot, and our economy will be shattered. Here are some of the hysterical demands:

  1. Delay Obamacare
  2. Overall tax code
  3. Start building KeystoneXL pipeline
  4. Allow more offshore oil/gas drilling and open Federal lands to oil/gas exploration
  5. Roll back regulations on coal ash
  6. Block EPA regulations on greenhouse gas production
  7. Eliminate $23 billion fund to be used if big banks are dissolved
  8. Weaken/kill the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  9. Cap medical malpractice suits
  10. Cut $120 billion over 10 years from other Federal health programs and increase cuts/means-testing to Medicare
  11. Require all new major agency regulations on various industries get Congressional approval, and dropped if no approval within 70 days

Basically Republicans will destroy our government and economy unless Obama agrees to pursue Mitt Romney’s platform that lost by over 5 million votes in 2012. This isn’t a game, this isn’t politics, this in’t governing – it’s extortion. This is one of those no-other-way-to-look-at-it situations. Even if you agree with the platform itself, you can’t possibly be OK with this type of democracy-destroying precedent. Republicans didn’t win the elections to pass their platform, so now they’re holding government hostage unless they get their way.

The worst part is that stupid sheep will blame an “irresponsible” Obama and “stubborn” Democrats if our government shuts down and our full faith and credit is destroyed. You know, like how you blame the family when they can’t afford the ransom and kidnappers kill the hostage.

This crap would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous.

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