John McCain speaks the truth following Ted Cruz’s lie-filled fake filibuster



Thank you John McCain for proving not all politicians are lying assholes. After Ted Cruz’ 21 hour marathon ego-festerbuster, McCain felt obligated to take the Senate floor to remind Republicans of the actual TRUTH that the Affordable Care Act was not an illegitimate, unconstitutional, Nazi-esque program, but rather a bill that was passed fairly, democratically, Constitutionally – and it’s now the law of the land.

McCAIN: I’d remind my colleagues that, in the 2012 election, Obamacare, as it’s called — and I’ll be more polite, the ACA — was a subject that was a major issue in the campaign. I campaigned all over America for two months, everywhere I could. And in every single campaign rally I said “we had to repeal and replace Obamacare.” Well, the people spoke. They spoke, much to my dismay, but they spoke and they re-elected the President of the United States. No that doesn’t mean that we give up our efforts to try to replace and repair Obamacare. But it does mean elections have consequences and those elections were clear, in a significant majority, that the majority of the American people supported the President of the US and renewed his stewardship of this country. I don’t like it, it’s not something that I wanted the outcome to be. But I think all of us should respect the outcome of elections, which reflects the will of the people.

I get it. Some people hate the idea of using government funds to make healthcare affordable and accessible for everyone. But the ACA passed both Houses of Congress, was signed into law by the President, upheld by the Supreme Court, and affirmed in the 2012 elections by voters nationwide who resoundingly voted for Democrats and not for Republicans promising to overturn Obamacare.

Affordable Care is here to stay. If people are truly concerned about the problems (and there are legitimate concerns), then fix the damn problems. But voting to defund a law you don’t like is unconstitutional. Ignoring the will of the majority of America, ignoring the vote of their elected officials, pretending any Democratic-passed legislation is illegitimate, threatening to shut down the government unless the government accepts every minority party proposal — is all UNCONSTITUTIONAL. There is no other way to look at it. Republicans cannot destroy the government just to pass their party platform.

Sadly, Republicans are already denouncing McCain for “supporting” Obamacare and being anti-Republican. Apparently sanity, rationality, reasonableness, support for the actual Constitution (not the made up one that only highlights the 2nd amendment and says taxes and minority are illegal), appreciation of bicameral legislation, and keeping hatred out of the game are just not Republican ideas anymore. Watch the video and be proud that at least one politician still believes in good, efficient, honest government.

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