Ted Cruz’s fake filibuster is just a bad 21 hour campaign ad


ted cruz

Cruz promised to speak until “I am no longer able to stand”. Shame it wasn’t until we were no longer able to stand him. 


Ted Cruz took the Senate floor yesterday and was still talking Wednesday morning about his favorite subject: Ted Cruz.

The universally-despised freshman Senator from Texas is pretending to “filibuster” the budget resolution with the Defund Obamacare rider in it, but the dude ain’t filibustering anything. A filibuster is a roadblock to a vote (that requires a vote to break it), and Cruz isn’t standing in the way of a vote – he actually wants to vote YES for the Defund Obamacare rider (even though Texas has the most uninsured Americans in the country). But what’s more important is hearing himself talk and standing up to Evil Obama.

30 hours were allotted to debate this topic, and such time is usually split in 2 sides: 15 hrs for Democrats, 15 hours for Republicans. Knowing full well that this CR will not pass the Democrat Senate anyway, Harry Reid cut a deal with Cruz to let him use all the time he wanted to spew his venom — but the vote on the budget resolution will take place Wednesday regardless. Inability to accomplish anything won’t stop the “distinguished wacko bird from Canada Texas” from spending all day/night comparing Obamacare to Nazi Germany and reading Green Eggs & Ham on the Senate floor.

A fun point to keep in mind: if Cruz had any support from his Party at all, Republicans could have held an actual filibuster instead of a fake one. But Cruz is a lone crazy wolf out willing to buck his party and do whatever it takes to #MakeDCListen to Americans — so long as it’s not the majority of Americans who want Obamacare to flourish without shutting the government down.

It’s a shame people are so dumb to procedure that they won’t see this for what it truly is: Cruz hijacking the system with no goal to accomplish other than to get his face on TV for 20+ hours and fill the fundraising coffers. It’s this type of purposeless, selfish, manipulative grandstanding that has solidified him – after only 9 months in office – as the most hated man in the Senate.

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