Where is the outrage over House Republicans trying to kick 4 million starving Americans off food stamps?



“Yes! We just starved 4 million more Americans!” 


Last week House Republicans voted to kick 4 million starving Americans off food stamps. Not a single Democrat voted for the cold-hearted bill that would kill benefits for over 3 million, and screw with benefits to another 700,000 plus. Yet we aren’t hearing too much outrage from the country because too many misinformed people think America is broke, plunging towards bankruptcy and a crippling debt. And now we have Congress voting to take food out of starving mouths.

Republicans pretend that this new bill will bring “integrity” to the system, punish moochers abusing benefits and incentivize lazy people to get a job. Such bullshit. This bill accomplishes only one thing: slashing budgets so rich people can pay less taxes. At least this restore-integrity bill also punishes those pesky poor people for their inability to get a job – how dare they not create jobs for themselves? After all, the $4/day of food stamps was really letting these folks live the high life. I hope they’ve learned their lesson.

Oh, and to accomplish the goal of punishing those few abusers taking advantage of the system, Congress will also punish 170,000 veterans and take away free/reduced-price school lunches from over 200,000 students. Job well done!

It bears reminding that 14 of those Republican Congressmen who voted against food stamps took in over $7 in farm subsidies to their own families. These scumbags scream that America is too far in debt to feed the needy moochers, but somehow has enough money to send $7 million to congressmen’s families.

Thankfully this bill will never pass the Senate or the President’s desk, but why do we continue to allow one political party to destroy every altruistic, helpful program that makes America great? And how can the party that pretends to do uphold Christianity vote against feeding the hungry? We are not a poor country, and we are not broke. It’s unacceptable to let people go hungry, especially while doling out plentiful federal funds/subsidies to rich people and corporations.

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