Almost 1 Mass Shooting Every Day in 2013



The horrific slaughter at Washington DC’s Navy Yards brought the oh-so-fun gun control conversation back into play. Unfortunately, even realistic gun control measures wouldn’t have kept this atrocity from happening. The shooter used a shotgun and handguns (not an AR15 as some reported), and passed a background check (even though he had prior gun arrests and discharged from Navy for firearm incidents).

While Monday was a tragedy, mass shootings are not a rare occurence. Already in 2013, there have been almost 250 mass shootings where 4 or more people (including shooter) have been shot (but not necessarily killed). 250!!! That’s almost one mass shooting every day this year.

Remember how things were going to change after Newtown? Well since then 8,241 people have been shot dead as reported in news broadcasts, but not all gun-related deaths are reported in the news — Slate puts the actual gunshot death total closer to 24,580

No government measure will stop 100% of gun-related deaths, but why do we let the NRA keep us from doing anything to save some of those lives? What other product on the market kills 25,000 a year without regulation or protection? 4 people die in Benghazi, Republicans hold 47 hearings to get to the bottom of it. 4 kids die from drugs at a music festival and they shut the whole thing down. A few people die from a tire and the company issues a recall. 25,000 people die from guns and we can’t talk about it because gun nuts advocates scream that it’s inappropriate, disrespectful and rash to discuss gun control after people die.

Isn’t it more inappropriate and disrespectful to pretend that measures wouldn’t stop some of these deaths? When there’s almost one mass shooting every day, when is the appropriate time to talk about it?

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