Romney Advisor Admits Republicans Visit Fox News to Escape Real Journalists


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Is there a bigger GOP tool than Sean Hannity? (Pun!)


Senior Mitt Romney adviser, Eric Fehrnstrom, had some interesting admissions in a recent interview regarding the easy marriage between Fox “News” and the Republican Party. Fehrnstrom shared that the Romney campaign would intentionally bypass interacting with journalists following the Mitt campaign (ala Newsroom), and instead opt for Fox “News” interviews where they could fair and balance Romney away from tough questions and real reporting:

“We’d much rather go on a Fox program where we know the question is going to come up and Mitt can give his answer and it’s not going to a frenzy of questioning. He will be able to give his response. There may be a follow up or two, and then that’s it. The frenzy is not something that you would willingly do if you had other options. It’s like here you can either do this frenzied news conference, or we can do a more sedate studio appearance with Sean Hannity. I’d take the sedate over the frenzy any day.”

It’s no secret that Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes set up Fox “News” to be the de facto communications wing of the Republican Party, but its still quite amazing to hear the actual campaigns admit they use this “news” station as a safe haven to avoid questions and get their message out virtually unimpeded. Well, “there may be a follow up or two, and then that’s it”. Damn the lamestream media and their “frenzied” questions.

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