Why is Donald Rumsfeld on my TV talking about Syria?


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Why the hell is Donald Rumsfeld on my TV?  For the last couple of days, Bush’s former Defense Secretary – the guy who engineered the most fraudulent and embarrassing American Foreign Policy disaster in decades (or history?) – has been hitting the TV news circuit to criticize President Obama’s credibility and the White House’s plans for Syrian intervention. I’m sorry….what?

Forget Rummy’s chutzpah – how the hell do the News producers pretend this man has any credibility? And it’s not just Fox News either, CNN had this guy on all morning. Did everyone conveniently forget the WMDs , aka our main reason for invading Iraq (never found)? Or the claims that Saddam was supporting Al Qaeda (no links ever found)? Or that Iraqis would greet the US soldiers as liberators (they frickin’ hate us)? Or that it would be a quick incursion (almost a decade), and cost minimal American casualties (approx. 5,000 Americans dead, over 32,000 wounded)? Or how there was no plan to help stabilize the region once their government was destroyed (still an Iraqi insurgence that kills thousands per year)?

Is everybody just screwing with me? Is George Zimmerman gonna come on next to decry the dangers of racism in neighborhood watchmen? Maybe after that, can we get Jerry Sandusky and Scott Galvin to preach about rooting out sexual predators in our schools? Maybe throw in a little Miley Cyrus to discuss the benefits of pants?

Bottom line: Rumsfeld, Cheney, and their Iraq War cohorts got everything wrong and we’ve been paying for their failure both in dollars and credibility ever since. These assholes should be in hiding, not offering their opinions on stuff they blatantly screwed up just a few years ago. Get the fuck off my TV.

Watch Rachel Maddow rant on this one too: Iraq war architects not welcome in Syria debate.