Republican leaders refuse to attend March on Washington anniversary


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Presidents stand in front of Abraham Lincoln, the only Republican elected official in attendance. 


The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom was one of the most important and iconic moments in American history; widely credited as the turning point for cementing Civil Rights, Labor Rights and Voting Rights protections into the American psyche. The 50th Anniversary was attended by tens of thousands of people, but not a single Republican policy-maker or elected official joined in the festivities. Not one.

Republicans were all invited, of course – every single Congressman and Senator received an invite. Speaker of the House John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor were even asked to speak, but somehow they just couldn’t be bothered to attend. Shoot, even Senator Tim Scott, one of the few black Republicans, didn’t show up. They were all too busy. Apparently defunding Obamacare, suppressing votes, visiting energy benefactors, lying about the IRS and campaign fundraising back home were all more important than celebrating the anniversary of Equality for All Americans.

So much for the new minority-outreaching Republican Party. They just seem to always forget they represent ALL people in their districts/state/country – not just Republican voters and certainly not just the white folk. Unfortunately, it ain’t cool in the GOP to support those mostly-criminal minorities, and it certainly would be too hypocritical to join an event that calls for an end to vote suppression. They’ve spent 5 decades systematically trying to overturn the rights gained from the original March, why would they ever celebrate the anniversary?

Shame that equality can’t be a bipartisan issue.

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