Batman v Superman Fake Trailer with Affleck & Cranston



My brother and I have been telling the same joke for years. Whenever someone was needed for anything – a movie role, a carpenter, a new Jack Ryan, a Senator, a midwife, a supermodel: “Get Ben Affleck”. But last weekend it happened for reals: WB announced Ben Affleck as the new Bruce Wayne/Batman.

I won’t bore you with the many reasons I hate this Daredevil, Reindeer Games, Gigli, Pearl Harbor, PaycheckButt-chin, but maybe everyone on planet Earth is wrong. Rather than hate on Will Hunting’s bestie, I’ll share three articles (ForbesHuffPost and Colliderby people with more confidence in the casting decision than me.

But just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. Bryan Cranston signed on to play Lex Luthor, and some superfan made a fake trailer for Man of Steel 2 / Batman v Superman – both moves which in tandem might keep the internet from exploding into guano.

So yeah, now I’m excited and can’t wait for the madness. And as you know, madness is like gravity; all it needs is a little push…

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