More documents kill IRS ‘Scandal’


issa IRS

“Mr. Chairman, the getaway car is on its way…”


More IRS documents further prove the IRS targeted ALL political groups claiming non-profit status including left-leaning, Democratic and progressive groups – not just conservative-leaning groups as Republicans and Teabaggers have been bitching/lying about for months. Even though the entirety of the information kills any pretend scandal, Republicans and their Fox Newsies are still pushing the “evil IRS unfairly targeted me for my political views” bullcrap.

As easy as it is to hate the IRS, we should all be furious that disgusting, disingenuous politicians created a fake crisis to embarrass the White House and bring down the President. House Oversight Committee Chair Darrell Issa has blatantly abused his power to push this fake scandal (and others) while knowing all along the facts proved otherwise. The Inspector General in charge of investigating the IRS only reported on the alleged wrongs to Conservatives and intentionally ignored the rest – all per the Chairman’s request. Shady, shady shit – and they should all be investigated themselves.

Besides Issa’s abuse of power, the real crime in all of this is that these political groups abuse non-profit status so they can hide donors and take unlimited donations in blatant violation of campaign finance laws. These groups – Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal – weren’t investigated for their political views, they were investigated because they’re not allowed to be primarily political at all.

We’ll surely hear Republicans continue to complain about the IRS unfair/unethical treatment over the next year of campaigning, but just know they’re either lying to you, manipulating you, abusing their power, or just plain stupid.

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