Sequestration Ushers In A Dark Age For Science In America


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It’s sad when the most advanced nation on Earth stops advancing. Thanks to a misguided and intentionally harmful push for fiscal austerity, America hasn’t only stopped providing basic social services (food, education, medical services, employment) to people who need it most, but we’ve basically stopped doing everything American.

We’re not building anything, we’re not creating anything, and we certainly aren’t allowed to dream big anymore. Our transportation infrastructure is crumbling, and for the last few months sequestration is shutting down funding for scientific and medical studies. Sure, it’s great when people like Tony Stark Elon Musk put forth great ideas like the Hyperloop, but when our government – aka the collective will of the people – takes a back seat, things don’t get done.

Our nation is more prosperous than ever, yet we’re putting less money towards the things that made us great for so many years – research, discovery and advancement. The reason? The people making the money have broken their contract with America; they want Americans to keep buying their products and services, but don’t want to put any profits back into the system. They want to live in their Elysium, keep more money than ever in savings, and let the America outside their walls turn to shit.

Sequestration was supposed to be a punishment for politicians to come to a deal on fixing the economy, but instead it’s a disgusting, nearsighted and backwards punishment for our future. This austerity/sequestration crap needs to end.

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