Leaked Internal NSA Audit Shows Thousands of Privacy Violations Per Year



Stay Horny, NSA


An internal NSA audit leaked by Edward Snowden shows the Agency commits thousands of privacy violations every year. Thousands. This comes from their own audit, though sadly this is just for Washington DC; no idea what the number is for the rest of America. They NSA argues that the violations are a small fraction of their actual output, but that doesn’t lessen the damage to the people who got snooped.

For those keeping score, the law-breaking comes in all forms. Sometimes it’s intentional, warrant-less information collection without FISA approval. Other times it’s unintentional amateur-hour crap like collecting data from thousands of DC phones because the program mistook the District’s 202 area code with Egypt’s 20 country code.

NSA audit violations

Obviously, President Obama lied his ass off last week when he said the NSA wasn’t snooping on Americans, but unfortunately every single President from now til eternity would do the same – the US government needs to be the most informed body in the world. So they smile and tell us that Uncle Sam isn’t listening to our calls and Big Brother isn’t whacking it trolling through our emails. But that’s just in real-time.  Every call, email, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, Tinder swipe, Facebook LIKE, every single GPS’d move we make, even that Adult Friend Finder profile you created a decade ago but forgot about – is recorded and can be retroactively accessed.

Regardless of any lip-service  reforms the President pretends to roll out – the information/surveillance industry is too big to fail. Worst part is that anyone with the source code can tap into this new Matrix. The NSA. The Edward Snowdens. China, Russia, Iran. Rodrigo the disgruntled IT/hacktivist.  The Prosecutor looking for ways to pressure you. The con-man trying to swindle you. The Hoovers, McCarthys and Issas of the world who will abuse power to take down enemies.

This is our future people. Time to shove that red pill right up Morpheus’ ass.

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